RAINER BRAND is an independent watchmaker based in Heimbuchenthal, Germany.

Founded his eponymous brand in 1992, Rainer Brand has been dedicating his collection of life’s ticking companions to those individuals of character, who value quality and tasteful extravagance.

RAINER BRAND Kerala Automatic Chronograph
RAINER BRAND Kerala Automatic Chronograph

Notable watch models from the brand are Argus, Panama, Grande Panama, Sybaris, Carcassonne, Ecco, Kerala, and Pezzo.

The RAINER BRAND watches price range is 2,700 to 6,000 Euros.

RAINER BRAND Watches: Special Features


The cases of Rainer Brand watches are intricately manufactured using state of-the art technology. Production of the Kerala case alone requires 28 stamping operations, each preceded by heating the material until red hot to prevent stress before the grinder machines it in the step that follows.

RAINER BRAND Panama Dual Time
RAINER BRAND Panama Dual Time

Giving the case its final touch by hand bestows it the kind of perfection you cannot get from a machine. Smoothing any uneven spots and polishing the surface produces a flawless watch case to embrace and protect the prized mechanism inside.

All RAINER BRAND models have a solid, screw-down case with a distinctive RB crown. Robust 316L stainless steel is used. Some models are also available in 18K gold versions.

RAINER BRAND Ecco Automatic in 18K Gold
RAINER BRAND Ecco Automatic in 18K Gold

The display back gives you a breathtaking view of the innermost workings of the watch. Besides informing you about its water resistance, the engraving in the crystal enclosure also records each watch’s unique case number. All models are individually numbered and registered.

The double anti-reflective sapphire crystal lends the dial and hands a more vivid appearance. The optimal contrast it produces lets you read the time with unsurpassed precision. Sapphire crystal is used exclusively.

Dial and Hands

Superb readability is also ensured by the finely crafted dial and the round watches’ distinctively characteristic RAINER BRAND grooved structure.

The dials gracing RAINER BRAND watches attest to highly skilled craftsmanship. Numerous intricate steps are required from the initial stamping to fastening the diamond cut indices by hand. Extraordinary care is also given to manufacturing the hands.


The stainless steel hands are polished to a mirror finish or blued in the traditional way in a tempering furnace. The hands on black dials are treated with luminescent pigment (Superluminova), which sets them off from the dark background both day and night.


Rainer Brand watches feature high-quality mechanical movements with automatic winding mechanisms.

The calibers used are the product of precision manufacture, produced to Quality Level 1, and feature a fine adjustment, Nivarox 1A balance spring, Glucidur balance wheel, as well as Incablock shock protection (to protect the sensitive teeth of the balance wheel from breaking).

Rainer Brand watch movement

The highest degree of quality, reliability and durability is achieved through intricate adjustments made in various positions and at different temperatures.

Chronometers are precision watches whose movements display an exceptionally high degree of precision. An impartial, official institute (COSC) examines their accuracy over a period of 15 consecutive days in different positions and temperatures and certifies them. Each chronometer is one of a kind identified by a number engraved at the manufacturer, which is also recorded in the accompanying Chronometer Certificate.

Rainer Brand watch leather strap

Leather Strap

The meticulous and sound craftsmanship of these straps fulfils the highest of standards. Fine calfskin or Russia leather with a robust sharkskin lining will gently caress your wrist. The leather straps are produced in the traditional full-bugg method.

Website: https://www.rainerbrand.de/