Paul Picot is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded by Italian businessman Mario Boiocchi.

The Société des Montres Paul Picot SA, headquartered in Le Noirmont (Jura – Switzerland), was founded in 1976. At that time, Mario Boiocchi, an entrepreneur with vision, recognized the pressing need to revive the spirit of the art of watchmaking. He believed in the success of a company, which manufactured watches of outstanding quality, combining old tradition with the latest technology.

From the beginning, the entrepreneur devoted himself to watches incorporating grand complications. Thus, Paul Picot SA was born in 1976 as one of the youngest luxury Swiss watch brands.

The heritage of the Jura Mountains is also reflected in the name: Picot was one of the watchmaking pioneers of the 18th century. He manufactured every single piece by hand and thus created products of great individuality.

Today, his name stands for a company, which recognized the signs of time, not allowing anything to be imposed on it by the market, always following the developments of the market and the trends of watchmaking art: Also, when the market demanded futuristic designs and electronic technology, Paul Picot stood by his declared values and, instead, manufactured individual, precise timepieces of great technical complexity, using the finest mechanical movements fitted in sophisticated watchcases.

The brand’s flagship collections are Paul Mariner, Plongeur C-Type, Paul Mariner, Yachtman, Méditerranée, Gentleman, Atelier, Firshire, and Technicum.


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