Ollivier Savéo is a Geneva based luxury watch brand established by Ollivier Savelli. This young watch brand offers Swiss Made quality watches that feature exclusive, registered shapes and incorporate patented techniques. Motifs and cases of these timepieces are specially designed by Ollivier Savelli.

Motifs realized by himself in the most precious and noble materials:  gold, complex sapphire crystal, gemstones, leather of high-end quality. These truly exclusive pieces-of-art watches, signed and numbered as unique pieces or extra-limited series, meet the highest requirements and quality criteria.

About Ollivier Savelli

Born and raised in France, Ollivier Savelli started his vocational training in 1984 with the ‘‘Compagnons du Tour de France’’ where he learnt professional excellence and nourished traditional know-how.

In 1992, he managed a manufacturing unit in a jewellery store specialized in bespoke high-end products, directly with the customers. In 2000, he won the world recognized price of the ‘‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’’, organized every three years by the French Government.

Ollivier Savelli
Ollivier Savelli

In 2001, he managed a Research Office of second biggest jewellery producer in France. He had worked with several well-recognized watchmaking brands in Switzerland including in industrial and creative restructuring for a Luxury brand in Asia and Europe.

In 2011, he managed a Swiss watch manufacture, involved in industrial and creative restructuring including two world premieres for the watchmaking segment. In 2013, Ollivier Savelli created and worldwide patented three patents related to watchmaking and plenty of models.  In 2015, he created the watchmaking brand Ollivier Savéo in Geneva.

Infused with multiple professional cultures, Ollivier Savelli thinks watchmaking in a different way: he is first considering watches as pieces of art, source of emotion, before considering it as a technical prowess essential to the timekeeper. All those influences are great to find original and innovating  solutions.

Ollivier Savelli watch

Here, no mass production series, but only small ones and even unique pieces, for preferred customers looking for a completely exclusive craft-trade product combining the art of a jeweler with the great Swiss watchmaking tradition.

The flagship collections from the brand are the Bas-Relief and the Vision.

Featured Timepieces

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Website: https://ollivier-saveo.ch/