Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, JUVENIA is a Swiss luxury watch brand with more than 150 years of heritage.

Founded in 1860 by Alsacian Jacques Didisheim in the small town of St. Imier, Switzerland, Juvenia has always been associated with the values of superior craftsmanship and artistry.

With an uninterrupted history of over 150 years producing some of the world’s finest timepieces and innovations, Juvenia can acclaim successes such as in 1880 when Juvenia became one of the first Swiss-watchmakers to offer a ladies wristwatch.

Subsequently, in 1914, Juvenia produced the world’s smallest mechanical movement at the time – measuring 9.5mm in diameter, and 2.5mm thick. With a continued dedication to excellence, Juvenia today remains one of the few Swiss watchmakers that can boast that almost all parts are still made and assembled in Switzerland with the finest noble materials.

Featured Timepieces

JUVENIA Long Feng Limited Edition

JUVENIA Marquise Mécanique

JUVENIA Classique Automatic (Model with Large Date and Second Time Zone)

JUVENIA Mère des Tigres

JUVENIA Contresens Collection

Official website: https://www.juvenia.ch/