Hemel is a New York based watch brand founded Marvin Menke, an F.I.T. graduate and design industry insider with thirty years experience.

Hemel was originally the name of his design consultancy and the watches were initially meant to be a gift for his clients around the holidays or to mark special events. The more he shared the idea with friends and colleagues, the more they encouraged him to bring it to market. Hemel has been in the boutique watch industry since early 2016.

Featured Timepieces

Hemel Airfoil Reference HF15

Hemel x United States Air Force HFT20 Special Edition

Hemel Night Ops Watch Collection – HM24 Night Ops and HM2 Night Ops Models

Hemel HFT20 Night Ops Edition

Hemel Flight Series HFT20

Hemel HM Series Watch Collection

Website: https://www.hemelwatches.com/