Hamilton is a Swiss watch brand. The historic company was originally founded in the United States. Presently, Hamilton watches are made in Switzerland.

Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892, Hamilton creates watches with a unique balance of authenticity and innovation. Hamilton’s timepieces synchronized the first railroads and kept time for aviation pioneers and U.S. soldiers. A favorite of filmmakers for decades, Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 500 movies, with custom pieces playing a pivotal role in several Hollywood blockbusters.

With a continued commitment to craftsmanship and accuracy, Hamilton launched the world’s first electric watch in 1957 and the first LED digital watch in 1970.

Since 1974, Hamilton has been a part of the Swatch Group, the global leader in watch manufacturing and distribution. In 2003, the brand moved its HQ and production to the center of watchmaking country in Biel, Switzerland.

Hamilton’s modern timepieces combine the American spirit with true Swiss precision. The brand’s flagship collections are Khaki Aviation, Khaki Field, Khaki Navy, Ventura, Jazzmaster, American Classic, and Broadway. The Hamilton watch price range is CHF 450 to CHF 4,000.

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