Franck Dubarry is a Swiss luxury watch brand. Incorporated in 2015 by Franck Dubarry, it offers exceptional Swiss made wristwatches designed for men and women who love freedom, wide-open spaces and pure design that can withstand the test of time.

Franck Dubarry is a seasoned entrepreneur with an immense experience in various sectors. He loves to create innovative designs and combinations. In 1997, he founded TechnoMarine, a Swiss watch brand known for its vibrant timepieces designed for diving and other nautical activities. TechnoMarine was the first brand to combine colorfull synthetic materials used in combination with diamonds to create sports watches.

In 2007, he sold TechnoMarine brand to Invicta group. In 2014, Franck Dubarry decided to return to the watchmaking industry to create a new and eponymous brand with one simple ambition: to create a luxury watch brand that dares to be different in an industry built on extremely traditional codes.

In 2015, under his eponymous label, Franck Dubarry unveiled his first collection, Crazy Balls. This timepiece features a revolutionary (patented) sophisticated complication that is unique, symbolizing technical freedom. This was followed by the Crazy Colors collection that offers an explosive cocktail, the combination of a chronograph and semi-precious stones.

In 2016, Franck Dubarry launched Revolution Fileteado, a collection inspired by the Art Nouveau and Calavera art movements. At the same time, he also designed a more sporty collection, the “Intrepidus” collection, consisting of three ranges: Racer, Rider and Diver.

In 2017, the brand launched two new collections: Crazy Wheel and Yin Yang. The Crazy Wheel line is fitted with a rotating bridge. The minutes are displayed using a bridge that rotates 360 degrees around the dial and the hour is located in a sub-counter that also rotates around the dial. The Yin Yang is a collection inspired by Franck Dubarry’s passion for martial arts and their symbols: the koi carp and the lotus flower.

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