FENDI is an iconic Italian haute couture house established in 1925. Founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in Rome, the House of Fendi has been renowned for their fur, fur accessories, ready-to-wear clothing, leather goods and other luxury accessories. In 1988, the brand ventured into watchmaking. In 2000, the French luxury conglomerate LVMH acquired FENDI. In 2014, Fendi acquired its Swiss manufacturing partner Taramax SA. Made in Switzerland, Fendi timepieces blend Italian creativity and style with Swiss expertise.

Featured Timepieces

FENDI Selleria Strap You watch

Fendi Momento Fendi Bugs Limited Editions

Fendi My Way Limited Editions

FENDI Crazy Carats Watch in Precious Colorful Mink, Fall-Winter 2014-15 Special Edition

Fendi B.Fendi Glossy

Fendi Crazy Carats Pave New Colours


Fendi Precious Pave Crazy Carats/ Crazy Carats New Edition



Fendi Selleria Chronograph 40mm

Fendi Selleria Collection 2011 – Summer Hues, New Dials

Fendi Round Ceramic Chronograph

Fendi Crazy Carats New Edition

Fendi Timepieces Collection 2010 – Crazy Carats, Selleria, B.led, New Quadro and Round Ceramic

Fendi Timepieces Collection 2009 – Fendi Spy, Fendi Pave XL and Fendi Selleria