Eza Watches was founded by Mr. Hermann Becker who started his factory in 1921 in Pforzheim, Germany. The town was a big industrial centre for watches in this time up to the end of the 70’s.

It was very common in Pforzheim to work together with different local manufacturers to create synergies into producing watches. Eza also collaborated with for example Pforzheim based companies Matthias Seitz (founded 1908) and Ziemer&co (founded 1927). In 1951 Hermann Becker tragically died in a car accident. His widow took over the company.

In 1958 Hermann becker KG started producing its own movements. More than 7 calibres where made with the HB stamp including automatic and hand-wound, with date or without. In 1979 the company was hit too badly by the quartz crisis and stopped business.

In 2016 the company was revived by a young watchmaker from The Netherlands living in Switzerland, Adriaan Trampe.

Adriaan Trampe continues the brand today with the same vision as Hermann Becker as an independent watch brand. Part of this vision is to work together with different manufacturers to source very high quality parts.

The watchmaking industry is centralized nowadays in Switzerland. There for the HQ is located here, close to the Lake Geneva. In this place all the ideas start and new watches are developed. Then the parts go to Pforzheim where the watches are assembled. All watches have a 100% Swiss Made mechanical movement and are assembled in Germany.

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Eza 1972
Eza 1972
Eza Watches Sealander Bronze
Eza Sealander Bronze
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Eza AirFighter
Eza AirFighter


Eza Sealander
Eza Sealander

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