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Ferro &Co AGL 2.0: Vintage Pilot Styled Watches – Kickstarter Campaign

Ferro &Co AGL 2.0 Chronograph with Ronda Quartz movement 3


OLTO-8 INFINITY II Automatic Watch (Kickstarter Campaign)

Couronne des Temps Gemstone and Classic Series: Swiss Made quartz watches that fit all lifestyles and occasions – Indiegogo Campaign

Couronne des Temps Swiss watches indiegogo campaign

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Important information: Online Crowd-funding is the practice of receiving financial support for a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people using online platforms. Several new watch brands utilize online crowd-funding campaigns to launch their collections.

We feature such campaigns regularly. Before supporting any crowd funding project we featured in this website, please go through the risks and challenges associated with online crowd-funding campaigns. The online crowd-funding websites are not e-retailers and they do not maintain any inventory.

The success of a crowd funding project depends on multiple factors. Some projects perform well while some others fail. There are also chances of delays in the shipping of products due to several reasons. You can also face some issues related to quality. Some creators may deliver wrong products or fail to fulfill the promises.

Respective project creators are solely responsible for any defects in the product/products delivered to you and delays in the delivery as well as in the after-sales service. Be vigilant while doing financial transactions online. For more information, please go through the warnings issued by the online crowd-funding websites.