BRELLUM is a young and independent Swiss watchmaking brand based in the canton of Jura, the region better known as the cradle of traditional watchmaking.

Inspired by the rich tradition of Jura as a major centre of Swiss watchmaking, this young watch company offers exclusive but affordable wristwatches with timeless and durable lines that are manufactured using high quality materials and equipped with reliable automatic mechanical movements that are fully decorated and “officially chronometer certified” by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC).

Founded by the Swiss watchmaker Sébastian Muller, BRELLUM belongs to a new generation of small, independent brands that produce affordable mechanical luxury watches without compromising the quality and artistic essence of traditional horology.

Featured Timepieces


Brellum Wyvern GMT LE.1 Ghost Chronometer Limited Edition

Brellum Wyvern GMT Chronometer

Brellum Duobox LE.8 Chronometer Limited Edition


Brellum Duobox Gold Edition 2020


Brellum Wyvern 5 Days LE Grand Sport with Deep Blue Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet

Brellum Duobox Classic LE.5 Chronometer Limited Edition

Brellum Pandial Marina 2 Chronometer

Brellum Duobox Classic LE.4 Chronometer


Brellum Pandial Black DLC Chronometer


Brellum Duobox Pandial Chronometer

BRELLUM Duobox Classic Gold Edition

Brellum Duobox Classic Power Reserve LE.1

Brellum Duobox Chronomètre “Black Edition”

BRELLUM Duobox Chronometer