Established in 2004, BijouMontre is a Swiss watch brand specialized in the manufacturing of jewellery watches.

Based in Grenchen, Switzerland, BijouMontre Swiss SA integrates seven genres of Swiss craftsmanship: Designers, watch-makers, goldsmiths, watch-chain makers, sculptors, porcelain painters and jewelers.

BijouMontre Swiss SA is led by Mr. Willi Saladin. The founder, Mr. Willi Saladin is Swiss with German heritage.

Saladin, who graduated from the Solothurn Watchmaking School, had worked as ETA’s R&D engineer and General Manager of the Far-Eastern region for many decades.

Mr. Willi Saladin has dedicated his whole life to the design and making of Swiss watches and his experience gives BijouMontre Swiss SA advantages over their competitors in terms of movement and caliber. Mr. Willi Saladin’s experience also ensures that the company’s mechanical and quartz watches all inherit the great Swiss timepiece making tradition. Mr. Willi Saladin’s German heritage gives him a pragmatic feel for engineering whilst his Swiss heritage gives him a talent for precision crafting. These characteristics make for a perfect fusion which is represented by the brand BijouMontre.
Switzerland has a long history of timepiece making and the quality of Swiss watches is world renowned. BijouMontre Swiss SA is headquartered in the French area of Grenchen, neighboring La Chaux de Fonds and Neuchatel. In Grenchen, various world-famous brands such as Breitling, Fortis, Titoni and Rado can be seen everywhere and the famous mechanical unit manufacturer, ETA is also located in this town.

The company’s geographical location and Mr. Saladin’s decades of experience with Swiss watches, especially the near 30 years he spent with the SMH group, as well as his subsequent positions in Ebuauches Electronique SA., Longines SA., Rado SA., Endura AG. and ETA SA, give BijouMontre advantages over their competitors in terms of external design and internal refining, setting and mechanical qualities.

BijouMontre means “Jewelry Watch” in French. This name represents the ideals that Mr. Willi Saladin had when he first established the company. BijouMontre is a brand that is committed to making top-quality jewelry watches with ‘genuine diamonds and gemstones’ for ladies. BijouMontre’s technical team includes gemologists, jewelry designers and gem setters to ensure that the company’s beliefs and ideals are upheld.

Color diamonds, fine gemstones and specially cut diamonds are often used on BijouMontre watches. BijouMontre utilizes these luxurious and rare diamonds and gemstones to bring women around the world truly unique timepieces that speak glamour.

Only a limited number of BijouMontre’s special designer watches are available in each series. All other jewelry watches as well as mechanical timepieces are limited in number as well, providing you a distinctive and one-of-a-kind choice. The company specially collaborates with Soprod to make limited edition movement modules designed exclusively for BijouMontre watches.

The founder of BijouMontre, Mr. Willi Saladin combines his 50 years of experience in the Swiss timepieces industry with a world renowned team of experts to make BijouMontre the leading brand of Swiss timepieces.

The gems used on BijouMontre watches are all top-class diamonds and natural gems. With the excellent designs of BijouMontre Swiss SA, the diamonds and gems are mixed in so many different ways that make the watches present a sense of richness and design that are different from the watches made by any other existing Swiss brand. The brand emphasizes that each design be a perfect combination of top-quality jewelry and exquisite Swiss craftsmanship. Therefore, every BijouMontre design is produced in limited quantities only.

In September 2009, BijouMontre Swiss became an official member of the world’s largest watch making association, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH).

BIJOUMONTRE Watches price range is $1,500 to $10,000.

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