BEHRENS is a Hong Kong based watchmaker. Named after the legendary German architect and product designer Peter Behrens (1868 –1940), the young brand offers wristwatches with distinctive mechanical modules for displaying the time in innovative styles.

Founded by a group of watchmaking enthusiasts, the company modifies movements sourced from reputed manufactures and equip them with innovative mechanical modules. Depending upon the model, the watches are available in stainless steel and titanium case versions.

BEHRENS has two flagship collections: Original and Inventor.

The BEHRENS Original series watches are equipped with the Japanese Miyota 9 Series automatic movements. The key models from this collection are B005 Star Trek, B011 Starship, B013 Astronomer, B015 NaviGraph and B012 Space Traveler.

The BEHRENS Inventor series watches are powered by Swiss made automatic movements. The notable timepieces from this line-up are B020 Apolar, B022 Rotary, B023 “The Da Vinci Code” and B025 MARS Project ONE.

The new BEHRENS B027 PERIGEE manual-winding watch is equipped with the brand’s first in-house movement.

BEHRENS watches are available via the brand’s online shop and authorised retailers. The retail price range of BEHRENS watches is $1,400 to $14,000.

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