Basse Broye is a Swiss watch company co-founded by Andreas Knecht and Lénaïc Tschanz. Based at the town of Avenches in Switzerland, the brand made its debut at Baselworld 2014.

Both founders have shared their passion with others by founding a fine mechanical watch-making company in the greatest of Swiss traditions. The name Basse Broye pays homage to a beautiful region, steeped in history. Indeed, back in ancient times the town of Avenches was known as Aventicum and was the capital of Roman Switzerland.

To this day it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Switzerland, and its superb amphitheatre bears witness to that. Avenches was also the hometown of aviation pioneers René Grandjean and Ernest Failloubaz, who flew the first flight in Swiss history in 1910.

The flagship watch collections from Basse Broye are Chronographe, Elégance and Elégance Pure. The brand also offers custom-made timepieces including high jewellery versions.

Featured Timepieces

Basse Broye Chronographe
Basse Broye Chronographe
BASSE BROYE Elégance watch

Contact details

Atelier Basse Broye
Route du Signal 6
1580 Avenches