Established by three passionate horology industry specialists, Atelier de Chronométrie is a young independent watch brand that operates from Barcelona, Spain.

In 2015, after more than 5 years of hard work, Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona made debut in the independent watchmaking by launching its first timepiece: a vintage inspired classic handmade chronometer.

The Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces are exclusively created by hand, using traditional ancient watchmaking techniques, without the use modern machines, such as CNC. With an aesthetics influenced by the glorious times of the watchmaking – the 30’s and 40’s, the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona timepieces are characterized for its simple and minimal case shapes that enhance the beauty and forcefulness of the dials.

The manufacture of all the components such as the cases, dials, straps, buckles, boxes, etc. are also made by small artisanal companies, located in Barcelona and Meyrin.

All Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona wristwatches are made to measure at buyer´s request. Customers can choose the case material, type of dial design, overall a wide range of options to customize the calibre, etc.

The main idea is to create a unique piece for each customer. Each wristwatch is designed exclusively for a client and will not be duplicated for another customer. In addition to this, during the wristwatch creation process, customer will have an opportunity to check its evolution and exchange opinions with the Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona’s team.

The company is led by a small team which is passionate about the artisanal and traditional watchmaking. Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona is composed of three members:

  • Santiago Martínez: Collector and a vintage watch dealer expert in Patek Philippe, co-Founder of Mim and croket Vintage Watches in Barcelona, specialized and focused on important vintage timepieces and minor brands such as Longines, Movado, Omega, etc. Co-Founder of Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona, responsible of the watch design and sales.
  • Moebius Rassmman: A master watchmaker with more than 20 years of experience specializing in the restoration of complicated timepieces. Co-Founder of Atelier de Chronométrie Barcelona and responsible of the calibre creation.
  • Montse Gimen: Expert in marketing, advertising, communication and financial issues, co-founder of Mim and croket Vintage Watches in Barcelona. Responsible of the communication and administration.

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