AQUADIVE is a brand specialised in the manufacturing of diving watches. Its origins trace back to the 1960s. AQUADIVE was a leading player of modern diving watches in the 60s and the 70s. Some of its most notable historic diving timepieces are Aquadive 1000 (dive watch with 1,000 meters water resistance) and the iconic Time-Depth “Model 50”.

The brand however went out of business during the Quartz crisis. In 2011, Rick Marei resurrected this legendary watch brand. Presently, AQUADIVE is a part of Austria based Synchron Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH, which also owns the ISOfrane and Tropic strap brands. The watches are manufactured in close partnership with partners in Germany and Switzerland.

The brand’s flagship collections are Bathyscaphe, Bathysphere and Poseidon. The AQUADIVE watches price range is US$1,200 to US$3,000.

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