ANONIMO is a Swiss watch brand known for its Italian roots and elegance.

Founded in Florence by passionate watchmakers convinced that the product should be more important than the name, the brand developed timepieces for professional divers. Since its founding in 1997, ANONIMO offers reliable wristwatches expressing robustness and elegance.

With their cushion cases, Anonimo Watches are characterized by an atypical construction and dials that recall the “A” of ANONIMO with markers at 12:00, 4:00 and 8:00. Based in Switzerland since 2013, the brand’s production now meets all the criteria to be Swiss Made.


Anonimo Watches are equipped with Swiss made movements manufactured by reputed companies like ETA and Sellita. The watch cases are either made of stainless steel or bronze. A pioneer in the use of original materials, it was the first brand to offer bronze diving watches.

The flagship collections from the brand are MILITARE and NAUTILO and EPURATO. A special edition series is also available. The Anonimo watches price range is CHF 2200 to CHF 5,500.

History of Anonimo Watches

Founded in 1997 in Florence, Italy and now based in Switzerland, Anonimo has a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality tool watches. With an aestheticism inspired by Italian elegance, an Anonimo watch expresses both robustness and functionality through its distinctive design and solid case.

The values of originality, seriousness and closeness carry across the two decades. This feeling is reinforced by the careful choice of materials, such as treated or stainless steel or bronze, an element that the brand was one of the first users in watchmaking, and that is still included in each of its lines.

ANONIMO SpA (1997 – 2009)

Driven by the desire to bring back to life the Florentine watch industry after the sale and departure of Officine Panerai, Federico Massacesi leant on the craftsmanship of the Ambucchi workshop, case-makers since 1939, to found Anonimo.

His partner in this new watchmaking venture was Colonel Dr. Dino Zei, ex-Italian navy officer and former CEO of Panerai. The collaboration was not slow in bearing fruit, thanks to innovation and the technical expertise of each member.

The new firm soon began manufacturing real professional instruments, tailor-made and very sophisticated, aimed at the Italian market. The brand developed nearly 45 models and deposited several patents, both on the technical construction and the decoration of the watches.

It is, for example, from this workshop that the first dive watch made from bronze was launched. In addition several models were developed for the CNS (Cooperative Nazionale Sommazzatori), one the world leaders in deep water diving. Composed of a case forged in the mass with typical Florentine know-how, the watches can withstand enormous pressure. In 2002, Dino agreed to develop a new, eponymous collection, with a more elegant and contemporary approach.

Firenze Orologi (2009 – 2013)

After several years of creativity, inventions and various partnerships with the world of sport, the management team changed but the headquarters remained in Florence.

The objective was to make the brand known outside Italian borders. The company started selling ANONIMO in Japan, America and Germany. In tribute to the local traditional knowhow, these watches featured the inscription “Casemakers in Florence since 1939” on the back and “Anonimo Firenze” on the dial.

ANONIMO SA (from 2013 – )

Bought by a European investor, the company moved from Florence to Switzerland. Its new manufacture meets the prestigious “Swiss Made” criteria. A new brand development strategy was initiated with the restructuring of the teams, the development of the international distribution networks and an in-depth work on the collection.

From now on, the brand ANONIMO perfectly combines Swiss precision with Italian style sport-chic with a strong personality. The watches are distinguished by a neat and functional design, a clean dial where markers at 12, 04 and 08 o’clock are arranged in a triangle, a reminder of the capital A of ANONIMO.


1997: Founding of ANONIMO SpA, in Florence, Italy.

1998: Presentation of the « Millemetri » at Vicenzaoro, the most important exhibition for Italian watchmakers and jewellers. This model is water resistant to 1000 metres, as its Italian name suggests. Two models are ‘tested’ by the CNS (Cooperative Nazionale Sommazzatori) succeeding to a depth of 2100m during their GEOSTAR project, (research into oceanographic geophysics), off the Sicilian coast in October 2002.

2001: Creation of the Militare model, recognisable by its crown positioned at 06 hours, patent filed.

2005: Presentation of the « Dino Zei » line and its first model: Nemo.

2006: Dino Zei develops the first Nautilo watch. Appearance of Polluce model as a tribute to the ANONIMO watches used by the professional divers who saved the treasures from the boat of the same name, shipwrecked in 1841.

2007: Launch of ANONIMO 10th Anniversary Special editions, including the Marlin, with its 55mm diameter.

2009: The structure evolves further with Firenze Orologi and international distribution.

2012: To mark the brand’s 15th anniversary, Dino Zei brings out a book, limited to 800 copies.

2013: The brand moves to Switzerland and is renamed ANONIMO SA.

2015: Presentation of the new collection with the Militare and Nautilo lines.

2017: ANONIMO celebrates 20 years.

2018: Introduction of ANONIMO EPURATO collection.

Anonimo Watches Patents & Features

The U-Lock®

This innovative locking system is exclusive to the Professionale models, featuring an extreme strength watch case. Finished with an advanced locking waterproof system which alleviates torsion on the O-Rings, it is easily repairable in emergency conditions without special tools. The system exclusively operates with great dimension screws on the dial side that allow the watchcase to open or be released without the watch movement needing to be removed.

Locking Device System

A system of articulation and protection of the crown, ensuring the watertightness of the winding mechanism. The crown is placed between the lugs, rather than on the side, for ease of handling and less irritation to the wrist.

DRASS Double Refined Anonimo Steel Surface

Multiple treatments of the steel to give it a more sober pitch, closer to titanium. The objective is to maximise the resistance to corrosion and fight oxidisation, an exclusivity of the brand.


The process in which the leather is treated in order to ensure that it remains sealed, making it possible for the leather to preserve its natural qualities. This process does not actually repel water but absorbs it without degrading the leather.

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