Zeitwinkel MAKS

Swiss watch brand Zeitwinkel introduces its new watch series, MAKS.

Starting with the popular 39mm model 188°, all watches house Zeitwinkel’s exclusive self-winding manufacture movement ZW0102. The dials of the “MAKS” series combine traditional and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods in a three-dimensional structure and brilliant, expressive colors.

Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Bleu Glacier
Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Bleu Glacier

The Zeitwinkel founders created the first drawings for the dials of this new watch series more than three years ago. In doing so, they continued to develop their idea from 2008, when they had already used a tapestry of Zeitwinkel logos on the dial for some of the first Zeitwinkel models.

In the models of the “MAKS” series, however, the logos originate from the axis of the small seconds and are so small that they can hardly be seen with the naked eye around the decentral seconds display. From there, they spread out concentrically to the edge of the watch.

Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Orange d'Édouard
Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Orange d’Édouard

The Zeitwinkel logo was created from the watch manufacturer’s own house font, which is also called “Zeitwinkel”. It is derived from the inverted letter “W”, in which the spaces are filled in shades of red.

The first variant of the “MAKS” series is the 188° model with 39mm case diameter in the colors “Bleu Glacier”, “Vert de Limón”, “Rouge Lobélie” and “Orange d’Édouard”. Powering the watches is Zeitwinkel’s distinctive ZW0102 caliber.

Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Rouge Rouge Lobélie
Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Rouge Rouge Lobélie

This automatic movement has 72 hours of power reserve and is built and regulated entirely by hand by a watchmaker from the individual components.

The ZW0102 manufacture movement features plates and bridges made of untreated German silver. Each calibre reflects Zeitwinkel’s philosophy of combining traditional watchmaking with the highest quality in decoration and manufacturing.

Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS Vert de Limón

All Zeitwinkel timepieces can be ordered directly from Zeitwinkel or from select partners worldwide. Each watch is manufactured only after receipt of the customer’s order, which currently leads to a delivery time of about four months.