iWith this new tool watch, Raketa Watch Factory pays tribute to Ekranoplan, the mythical aircraft made during the Soviet era.

Raketa EKRANOPLAN Automatic Watch

Part ship & part plane, the Lun-class Ekranoplan was built in the early 80s by the Soviet Union as an experimental coastal defence vehicle. One of the most extraordinary machines ever built by mankind, it combined the best characteristics of a ship and that of a plane.

Raketa EKRANOPLAN Automatic Watch

Designed by Rostislav Alexeyev in 1975, Ekranoplan is the only ground effect vehicle (GEV) to ever be operationally deployed as a warship.

Used by the Soviet and later Russian navies from 1987 until sometime in the late 1990s, it could carry as much cargo as a ship and fly as fast as an airplane at speeds of up to 500 km/h. It flew over distances of up to 2,000 km using lift generated by the “ground effect” acting on its large wings when about 4 metres above the surface of the water. This enabled the Ekranoplan to fly undetected by radars.

The name “Lun” was chosen because it comes from the Russian word for “harrier”, a bird which characteristically hunts by flying silently low over open ground. A testimony to the incredible originality of Soviet-era engineering, the only Lun-class Ekranoplan ever built lies today on a beach of the Caspian Sea near the city of Derbent in Russia.

The Raketa Watch Factory has designed and manufactured a tool watch as testimony to the Ekranoplan. Raketa also hopes this will attract more attention to the Ekranoplan, and thus contribute to saving it.

Especially for this model, Raketa developed a new stainless steel case and metal band: its sturdy design corresponds to the looks and spirit of the Soviet-era Ekranoplan.

Raketa EKRANOPLAN Automatic Watch

The insert of the rotating bezel is made from a piece of metal from the Lun-class Ekranoplan, officially given by the city of Derbent which is in charge of safeguarding the Ekranoplan.

Raketa EKRANOPLAN Automatic Watch

The design of the compass markings on the bezel is directly inspired by the design of the compass on the control panel in the cockpit of the Ekranoplan. An embossed image of the Ekranoplan is printed on the dial.

Fitted with a mineral glass, the back of the watch reveals the beautifully decorated 24-hour automatic movement which is entirely produced by the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint-Petersburg.

Raketa EKRANOPLAN Automatic Watch

The Raketa “Ekranoplan” watch is limited to 500 pieces. Each watch model is complemented with a leather strap.

This timepiece is also available as part of a Gift set which includes the Raketa “Ekranoplan” watch model with stainless steel bracelet, an additional leather strap and a 1:400 scale model of the Lun-class Ekranoplan.

The approximate retail price of each Raketa Ekranoplan watch is 1,667 EUR (without VAT). The cost of the Gift set is 2,083 EUR (without VAT).

Technical details

Model: Raketa EKRANOPLAN

Calibre 2624 Automatic
Number of jewels: 24
Testing positions: 4
Average rate: -10+20 s/d
Frequency: 18.000 vph/ 2.5Hz
Bi-directional automatic winding
Power reserve: 40 hours
Decoration: Nanocoating, Neva waves print

Stainless steel case
Material of the bezel insert: Metal from the Lun-class Ekranoplan
Case diameter: 41.6 mm
Front glass: Sapphire
Back glass: Mineral
Water resistance: 20 АТМ

Black dial with an embossed image of the Ekranoplan
Hands with Superluminova

Stainless steel or genuine leather
Width: 22 mm