Konstantin Chaykin Stargazer Only Watch 2023 Piece Unique

Konstantin Chaykin, the celebrated independent master watchmaker from Russia, has created the unique Stargazer timepiece to support the Only Watch 2023 charity event.

Exclusively created for Only Watch 2023, Stargazer is the most complicated watch ever made by Konstantin Chaykin. It is based on the emblematic Wristmon watch. For the first time, the Wristmon features 16 complications, a double-sided reversible design and a pre-shaped reversible bracelet. It can be worn with the tourbillon open to admire it.

The Wristmons collection, launched in 2017 with the creation of the Joker watch with dial-face, immediately became a favourite with collectors. Konstantin Chaykin created the most complex and unusual Wristmons for the Only Watch charity auctions in 2017, 2019 and 2021, always attracting great interest.

For the 2023 edition of Only Watch, Konstantin Chaykin focused on the idea of a multi-complication watch. He combined the Joker design with an unprecedented number of complications.

Konstantin Chaykin Stargazer Only Watch 2023 Piece Unique

The Stargazer features a total of 16 complications, including a tourbillon and 11 astronomical functions. This logic led Master to develop a double-sided reversible design, a first for the Wristmons collection. This includes a symmetrical case shape, swinging H-shaped lugs, a pre-shaped reversible strap and even a reversible buckle.

All these components are made of genuine ‘Bulat’ stainless steel, an exotic alloy used exclusively in the Konstantin Chaykin manufacture. Bulat steel is very hard and durable, almost impossible to scratch, and the natural surface texture characteristic of this alloy is very pleasant to the touch. Konstantin Chaykin uses ‘Bulat’ only for his finest creations, making it a truly exclusive material.

The Stargazer has two dials, making it possible to display numerous indications without compromising legibility. Some of the complications are unprecedented in the history of watchmaking: a discrete moon-phase indicator, sunrise and sunset azimuth indicators – these inventions are patent pending.

Konstantin Chaykin Stargazer Only Watch 2023 Piece Unique

For the Stargazer, the master has created what is traditionally known as a reversible design. The Stargazer can simply be taken off and put back on the other side.

Konstantin Chaykin has thought of everything and there is no precedent for this development. The case has a symmetrical design, with special swinging H-shaped lugs to which a pre-shaped leather strap is attached, allowing the watch to be worn upside down.

The Stargazer strap has curved ‘Bulat’ steel fins – when you press lightly on the strap, it bends in the opposite direction. The buckle is also reversible.

The Stargazer is the new character in the exclusive Masterpiece Wristmons collection of in-house calibres and unprecedented complications. It took a special effort by the master to design the dial with 10 complications in order to preserve the iconic Joker dial. The remaining 6 complications are located on the tourbillon side of the watch.

Technical details

Model: Konstantin Chaykin Stargazer Only Watch 2023 Piece Unique


Dial side

1. Regulator display of hours and minutes of mean solar time
2. Length of day
3. Length of night
4. Equation of time
5-6. Retrograde day of week indication
7. Signs of the Zodiac
8. Celestial map of the northern hemisphere
9. 24-hour display of mean solar time
10. 24-hour display of sidereal time by hand

Tourbillon side

11. Continuous phase and age of the moon indicators
12. 8-stage discrete moonphase indicator (world premiere)
13. Solar activity cycle and current cycle duration indicators
14. Sunrise azimuth indication (world premiere)
15. Sunset azimuth indication (world premiere)
16. Tourbillon

Calibre Konstantin Chaykin in-house calibre K.22-1, hand-wound
Escapement: Lever escapement
Power reserve: Min. 42 hours, max. 48 hours when fully wound

Exclusive stainless ‘Bulat’ steel case, reversible design
Diameter: 42 mm
Crystal and caseback Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Two corrector crowns at 3 and 9 o’clock
Sapphire caseback

Open-work anthropomorphic ‘Joker’ dials on both sides of the watch.

Dial finishing
Finely hand-hammered frosted finish, fine circular brushing and straight-grinding, beveled and polished edges, rhodium and ruthenium plating

Exclusive and world first Stargazer double-sided high quality leather strap, reversible and pre-formed by inserted flexible ‘Bulat’ steel blades

Konstantin Chaykin reversible buckle in ‘Bulat’ steel

CHF 150,000 – 220,000
USD 165,000 – 242,000
EUR 154,500 – 226,600