Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II Only Watch 2023 Unique Piece

In partnership with independent master watchmaker François-Paul Journe, Stéphane Barbier-Mueller has created Mosaïque II, a unique timepiece for the Only Watch 2023 charity auction.

This one-of-a-kind watch follows the footsteps of the unique Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque Only Watch 2017. The Mosaïque II model made for Only Watch 2023 rekindles the initiative five years later with a dazzling, more complex creation visualized by Geneva-based designer Eric Giroud.

Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II Only Watch 2023 Unique Piece

Equipped with the legendary F.P.Journe Caliber 1304, the Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II watch features 41mm diameter platinum case made by Les Cadraniers de Genève. The hard-stone mosaic dial was manufactured by Les Boîtiers de Genève.

The dial stands out with its lotus motif, produced by setting three-dimensionally cut semi-precious stones like while jade, blood jasper, nephrite jade, carnelian and opal. The case-back and both case-sides are also adorned with various stones.

Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II Only Watch 2023 Unique Piece

The champlevé technique was used to create the design. Small troughs were carved into the metal – on the dial, case back and case middle – with 10th of a millimeter precision, to accommodate each stone, with the top edge of the fine separations defining the mosaic’s design.

Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II Only Watch 2023 Unique Piece

Beating inside, the hand-wound mechanical caliber 1304 was designed and manufactured at F.P.Journe’s workshop in the heart of Geneva. It is an extra-slim movement with only 4 mm thickness. The plate and bridges are in 18-carat rose gold plate. Equipped with two barrels, this movement offers a power reserve of over fifty-six hours.

The Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II Only Watch 2023 comes with a leather strap featuring saddle stitching.

Technical details

Model: Barbier-Mueller Mosaïque II Only Watch 2023 Unique Piece

Material: PT950 platinum
Diameter: 41 mm
Thickness: 10.85 mm, including cover

Hardstone mosaic, Lotus Flower motif
Central hour and minute hands, palladium

Calibre F.P.Journe 1304
Hand-wound: 38 turns
Movement in 18K rose gold, 22 jewels
Two mainspring barrels in parallel
Hour adjustment via crown in position 2
Pallet escapement, 15-tooth escape wheel
Two-position crown
Power reserve: 56 ± 2 hours

Movement dimensions
Overall diameter: 30.40 mm
Casing-up diameter: 29.60 mm
Overall height: 4 mm
Winding system height: 2.10 mm
Stem thread diameter: S0.90 mm

4 inertia weights
Flat Anachron micro-flamed spring
Mobile stud holders
Nivatronic laser-welded to collet
Pinned GE stud
Frequency: 21,600 A/H (3Hz)
Inertia: 10.10 mg/cm2
Amplitude: 0h dial up: 320°/ 24h dial up: 280°

High-end decorations
Partially circular grained baseplate and barleycorn pattern
Polished screw heads, chamfered slots
Pegs with polished rounded ends

Number of components
Movement, not counting the dial: 129
Cased-up on leather strap, including stones: 308 (3 black jade, 16 carnelian, 18 imperial jade, 22 bloodstone and 83 white opal)

Leather, saddle stitching
Deployant clasp, Barbier-Mueller ‘Sphynx’ engraved on the pin

CHF 150,000 – 250,000