Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000

Casio expands its OCEANUS collection by introducing the new Manta Series OCW-S7000 series. Fusing technology with elegance, this new multi-function sports watch boasts a high quality finish and a thin and beautiful form. Available in three references – OCW-S7000, OCW-S7000A and OCW-S7000B – this timepiece will be released in June 2023.

Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000

The OCW-S7000 is an ultrathin sports chronograph in titanium with a tachymeter on the sapphire glass on the top of the bezel. The blue vapor-deposited sapphire glass bezel offers different expressions depending on the viewing angle.

Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000-1A

Presenting three Casio OCEANUS Chronograph Manta Series models are available: OCW-S7000-1A with a black dial, OCW-S7000A-2A with a light blue gradient dial, and OCW-S7000B-2A with a blue gradation dial. Among these references, the light blue gradient dial version is limited to 1,500 pieces.

Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000A-2A

This 42mm diameter watch with a 9.5 mm thick case boasts a sharp mirror surface that extends from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock on the side and the three-dimensional lugs with slopes, endowing a sporty impression with a sense of speed. OCW-S7000-1A and OCW-S7000A-2A have titanium cases, and OCW-S7000B-2A features a black DLC titanium case.

Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000B-2A

In terms of functionality, in addition to the radio wave reception function, OCEANUS Manta Series is equipped with a time correction function that uses a smartphone link using Bluetooth® to display accurate time in regions around the world. Moreover, the CASIO WATCHES app allows the owner to easily and intuitively set the world time from about 300 cities.

Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000

The recommended retail price range of the Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000 is 198,000 yen to 236,500 yen.

Technical details

Model: Casio OCEANUS Manta Series OCW-S7000

Titanium or Black DLC titanium
Dimensions: 47.5 × 42.8 × 9.5mm
Double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire glass (dual curve)
Tachymeter bezel in sapphire
Water resistance: 10 ATM/100m

OCW-S7000-1A: black dial
OCW-S7000A-2A: light blue gradient dial
OCW-S7000B-2A: blue gradation dial

Receiving radio wave
JJY (Japan): 40 kHz (Fukushima station) / 60 kHz (Kyushu station),
WWVB (USA): 60 kHz, MSF (UK): 60 kHz
DCF77 (Germany): 77.5 kHz, BPC (China): 68.5 kHz

Radio wave reception method
Automatic reception (maximum 6 times/day, China only maximum 5 times/day)

Communication specifications
Bluetooth® low energy
Communication distance: ~2m (varies depending on the environment)

World time
27 cities around the world (38 time zones, with automatic summer time setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display, home time city replacement function

1 second measurement, 24 hour meter

Mobile link function (function interlocking with compatible mobile phones via Bluetooth® communication)
Automatic time adjustment, easy clock setting, approx. 300 cities in world time, mobile phone search, clock status display, Premium Production Line production certificate, time & place

Other features
Automatic needle position correction function, full auto calendar, date/day display, power saving function, battery indicator display

Power supply
Tough Solar (solar charging system)

Continuous drive time
When using the function without solar power generation from full charge: About 5 months
When power saving state: About 19 months

Suggested retail price in Japan including taxes
OCW-S7000-1A: 198,000 yen
OCW-S7000A-2A: 214,500 yen
OCW-S7000B-2A: 236,500 yen

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