CB X ACE GMT Limited Edition

In collaboration with ACE Jewelers, Swiss watch designer Cedric Bellon presents the new CB X ACE GMT Swiss made limited edition watch with an 87% sustainability score. Watch Angels SA is the manufacturing partner of this special edition collection.

A sustainability advocate, Cedric Bellon designed this watch from the ground up to minimise the environmental impact of its production. It’s manufactured circularly, efficiently and locally; thereby minimising component transports, C02 production, energy consumption and waste.

CB X ACE GMT Limited Edition

Like all Cedric Bellon Sustainable Watches, the new CB X ACE GMT uses the minimum parts necessary and has industrial finishes that eliminate the need for galvanic processes, paints, inks, glues and tanning chemicals. Its case, dial and buckle are machined from 100% recycled, and certified stainless steel. Moreover it uses a repurposed mechanical movement.

This special limited edition of the CB01 GMT for ACE Jewelers is dedicated to Amsterdam. Therefore the watch features the black and red colour identity of Amsterdam, and the distinctive XXX symbol of Amsterdam is engraved on the case-back and dial.

The CB01 GMT x ACE reaches a sustainability score of 87.59% which is about 2.09 times more than an equivalently priced Swiss made series watch.

CB X ACE GMT Limited Edition

The sustainability score is a transparent and objective index which measures three variables for each watch component: circularity (degree of recycling and recyclability of materials), proximity (sourcing location and component transportation) and transformation (production techniques and processes).

Each component of the watch is measured against these 3 variables and weighted according to the component weight as a proportion of the total weight of the watch. The sustainability score for the CB X ACE is documented in the sustainability report of the watch.

The 39mm CB X ACE GMT features a two piece case and a monolayer dial. The watch has been designed to reduce machining time because fast production means less energy consumption.

CB X ACE GMT Limited Edition

Furthermore, only state-of-the art machinery, powered by Swiss “Nature Made Star” certified local hydroelectric, solar, wind and biomass energy, has been used for manufacturing the CB x ACE. Also, no stamping tool from foreign provenance has been used to produce the watch.

The CB x ACE features a case and dial made of 100% recycled and certified stainless steel. All its components are finished by machining or are left «raw». No environmentally damaging galvanic processes, paints, inks, varnishes or glues are used. The CB01 GMT encases a repurposed Soprod C125 automatic GMT movement sourced from an unused stock. Repurposed instead of manufactured.

CB X ACE GMT Limited Edition

Because the most effective way to reduce the C02 impact of watch production is to act locally and source materials and skills nearby, all CB01 GMT components are locally sourced and the watch is manufactured in-house in Switzerland by Watch Angels. Swiss watchmaking methods, social conditions and environmental regulations therefore apply.

Switzerland ranks in the top 5 countries of the EPI, the universally respected Environmental Performance Index by Yale University.

Technical details

Model: CB01 X ACE GMT

Diameter: 39 mm
Material: 100% recycled and certified stainless steel, PuReSteel™ by Thyssen Krupp
Finishing: Polished on top of bezel, circular brushed bezel, circular brushed on the lugs, vertical brushed on sides, polished chamfers on the lugs
Screw-in crown and screw-in compressor case-back
Water Resistance: 200M/ 660FT/ 20ATM

Soprod C125 automatic GMT
Hour, minutes, seconds, date and GMT
28, 800 bph
25 jewels
42h Power reserve.

Hand-made genuine leather strap
Natural tanning without any chemicals
Stitching with natural linen cord and water-based glues

100% Swiss made

CHF 1,690

Limited to 25 pieces