Holthinrichs Watches to Discontinue the Production of Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament Models

Netherlands based watch brand Holthinrichs announces the full stop of production of Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament models to allow for new creativity.

In 2016 Michiel Holthinrichs introduced the Ornament 1 watch featuring an unprecedented skeleton case design created by smart implementation of state of the art 3D metal printing. This model laid the foundation of Holthinrichs watch brand.

Holthinrichs Ornament 1 with Salmon​​​​​​​​ Dial
Holthinrichs Ornament 1 with Salmon​​​​​​​​ Dial

In 2018, the company launched two major innovations. With a solid 3D printed gold version of the Ornament 1 Holthinrichs brought the world’s first 3D printed solid gold mechanical timepiece to the market, soon followed by the introduction of “Horlogerie Brut” as a new concept in watchmaking.

The Holthinrichs RAW Ornament watch showcased a sculptural and textural design in which extensive manual finishing is contrasted with a selective use of raw textures directly derived from the printing process. It represents an unconventional combination as a direct result of a new way of thinking about production and implementing new technologies.

The RAW Ornament also featured the brand’s first ventures into handmade, artisanal movement finishing, enabling Holthinrichs to process the highly tectonic design concept through down to the finest components of the watch.

Holthinrichs has now decided to terminate the production of these models to fully focus its creativity on new exciting developments.

The Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament watches can be ordered on Holthinrichs website until May 1, 2023. After that, the brand will stop accepting new orders for these models. The Dutch atelier is also working on one last farewell edition, which is soon to be announced.

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