The Art of F.P. Journe Live Auction by Christie’s Geneva, 12 May 2023: Highlights

Christie’s is presenting a live auction of 40 F.P. Journe timepieces at Four Seasons Hotel Des Bergues, Geneva, on 12th May 2023.

It is the largest thematic auction of F.P. Journe watches to date. Amongst the emblematic references offered at this stand alone live auction are a platinum Tourbillon Souverain with superb jade dial; a superb example of the ‘Pré-Souscription’ platinum Chronomètre à Résonance; the iconic Centigraphe Souverain with “Ferrari red dial”; a platinum Octa Calendrier with mother-of-pearl dial; a Chronomètre Souverain Dubai edition; as well as an ultra-light titanium Octa ‘LineSport’ with stunning deep blue dial.

The Art of F.P. Journe Live Auction by Christie’s Geneva

The Art of F.P. Journe Live auction, on 12 May, in Geneva, presents a unique opportunity to acquire a timepiece by one of the most important independent watchmakers of today.

This collection will be on tour to selected international Christie’s locations before being exhibited at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva in the lead up to the auction.

The Art of F.P. Journe Live Auction: Highlights

F.P. Journe Platinum Tourbillon Wristwatch with Jade Dial, Power Reserve, Constant Force Remontoire, Dead Beat Seconds and Platinum Bracelet, Tourbillon Souverain Model, No. 754-TN, Circa 2018

F.P. Journe Platinum Tourbillon Wristwatch with Jade Dial

This platinum F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain with a solid platinum bracelet boasts a superb jade dial. Only a few examples exist of this reference. Estimate: CHF500, 000-1,000,000

F.P. Journe Platinum Dual Time Chronometer Wristwatch with Resonance-Controlled Twin Independent Gear-Train Brass Movement, Pink Gold Dial and Power Reserve, Chronometre A Resonance ‘Pre- Souscription’ Model, Case No. 040/00R, Circa 2000

F.P. Journe Platinum Chronometre A Resonance 'Pre- Souscription' Model with Pink Gold Dial

When launching his brand, F.P. Journe introduced a ‘subscription’ model, with 20 of his closest friends and clients committing to purchase timepieces made under his name with the resulting Souscription Tourbillon numbered 1 to 20.

F.P. Journe Platinum Chronometre A Resonance 'Pre- Souscription' Model with Pink Gold Dial

Shortly after, the Chronomètre à Résonance was produced, and F.P. Journe reserved the initial 20 numbers for those clients who had previously subscribed, offering them the opportunity to acquire a Souscription Résonance with matching engraved numbers. The auction will offer an early example of the ‘Pré-Souscription’ platinum Chronomètre à Résonance.

Estimate: CHF500,000-1,000,000

F.P. Journe Platinum Ergonomic Chronograph Wristwatch with 100th of a Second, 20th Seconds, 10- Minute Registers, Red Chrome Dial And Platinum Bracelet, Centigraphe Souverain F Model, Formula Jean Todt Edition, No. 096-CT, Circa 2010

F.P. Journe Platinum Centigraphe Souverain F Model, Formula Jean Todt Edition

This Centigraphe Souverain platinum ergonomic chronograph wristwatch with 100th of a second, 20th seconds, 10-minute registers, has a red chrome dial and platinum bracelet. Only available upon special request, this “Ferrari red dial” edition of the Centigraphe Souverain unites the worlds of high horology and motor sports.

Estimate: CHF400,000-600,000

F.P. Journe Platinum Limited Edition Automatic Annual Calendar Wristwatch with Retrograde Date and Black Mother-of- Pearl Dial, Octa Calendrier Model, No. 281- Q, Circa 2006

F.P. Journe Platinum Octa Calendrier with Black Mother-of- Pearl Dial

This highly exclusive platinum Octa Calendrier is one of only 15 pieces made for the prestigious Singaporean retailer ‘Sincere Fine Watches’ with a black mother of pearl dial. Rarely available at auction, the offering of this piece provides collectors with the rare opportunity to obtain an example of this automatic annual calendar. Circa 2006.

Estimate: CHF150,000-250,000

F.P. Journe Platinum Limited Edition Wristwatch with Green Dial, Chronometre Souverain Model, No. 64/99-CSD, Circa 2021

F.P. Journe Platinum Chronometre Souverain with Green Dial

Signed F.P. Journe, this exclusive and distinctive platinum limited edition wristwatch with green dial is one of only 99 examples of the Chronomètre Souverain produced in 2020 to celebrate the opening of F.P. Journe’s first Dubai boutique (on October 30th, 2019).

Estimate: CHF60,000-120,000

F.P. Journe Titanium Octa ‘Linesport’ Automatic Wristwatch, Limited Edition of Only 8 Pieces. Circa 2019

F.P. Journe Titanium Octa ‘Linesport’ Automatic with blue dial

Possibly one of the rarest and most attractive versions of F.P. Journe’s ultra-light titanium Octa ‘LineSport’ automatic wristwatches, this blue dial model was made in a highly exclusive and very limited edition of only 8 pieces. Probably, this is the first blue dial Octa LineSport to come to international auction to date.

A portion of the sale result of this watch will be donated to “Only Watch”, benefitting the Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies, for research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Circa 2019.

Estimate: CHF60,000-120,000

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