De Bethune Invests in REUGE, the Manufacturer of Mechanical Music Boxes

Swiss luxury watch manufacture De Bethune has announced a majority investment in REUGE, the renowned producer of music automaton.

Founded in 1865, REUGE is a world leader in the manufacturing of mechanical music boxes and music automaton. Just like De Bethune, this prestigious mechanical artistry atelier is based at Sainte-Croix in Switzerland.

De Bethune and Amr AlOtaishan, representative of the proprietor family and current CEO, confirm the signature of this alliance, under which De Bethune will acquire a majority position in the Reuge manufacture.

Together, the two Sainte-Croix-based companies will expand their technical vocabulary, developing synergies to accelerate the renewal of art mechanics.

Amr AlOtaishan, will continue to be a steward of the brand, serving as a strategic advisor and member of the REUGE board.

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