Vortic Watch Company Presents Three New Railroad Editions

Vortic Watch Company has launched three Boston Railroad Edition models. Proudly honouring the heritage of American railroad watches, these new collector’s timepieces can be purchased from the company’s online store.

The Boston Railroad 004

The Boston Railroad 004 is made with a 23 jewel Waltham Watch Company pocket watch inside of a machined titanium case. It comes with a titanium crown, a natural leather strap and gold-plated gears.

The Boston Railroad 004 watch by Vortic Watch Company

Equipped with a restored antique pocket watch movement made in 1918, this Railroad watch displays hour, minutes and small seconds functions. More details about the Boston Railroad 004 watch are available on Vortic Watch Company website.

 The Boston Railroad 005

The Boston Railroad 005 is built from an antique 21-jewel pocket watch originally manufactured by the American Waltham Watch Company in 1915. This particular wristwatch features a machined titanium case, titanium crown, and a black leather strap.

 The Boston Railroad 005 watch by Vortic Watch Company

The inscription F.W. & D. on the dial is in reference to the Fort Worth / Denver railroad line that was very popular at this time. It has an Up/Down Indicator at 12 o’clock and small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. Find more information on the Boston Railroad 005 watch, please visit Vortic Watch online store.

The Boston Railroad 006

The Railroad Grade Boston 006 has a beautiful dial that has aged over time to present this wonderful display of patina in the center of the dial. The timepiece features a machined titanium case for a modern look and feel, as well as a titanium crown for added durability and style.

 The Boston Railroad 005 watch by Vortic Watch Company

In addition to the hour, minute and small seconds hands, this model features an Up/Down Indicator at 12 o’clock.

This Boston Railroad watch comes with a luxurious merlot leather strap for a truly timeless look. This model is available for purchase on the official Vortic watches website.

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