Anton Suhanov Pharos Table Clock

This table clock is an amazing horological masterpiece by independent watchmaker Anton Suhanov from St. Petersburg. The Anton Suhanov Pharos incorporates Triple Axis Tourbillon, World Time and Peripheral Seconds.


Externally, the clock is stylized under the classic shape of a lighthouse. This horological marvel was inspired by the story of the Pharos lighthouse, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. That ancient building was far ahead of its time in terms of design and technology, existed for more than a thousand years, forever placed its history in the list of the greatest achievements of mankind of all time.

Anton Suhanov Pharos Table Clock

To embody the essence of a lighthouse in the clock, Anton Suhanov had to completely review the existing clock designs and develop a philosophy of the clock movement from scratch. Especially for this clock, the lever escapement and the balance wheel with luminous inserts were developed.

When the balance oscillates, the luminous inserts merge into a single flickering light ring, which is clearly visible from afar and in the dark, and symbolizes the flickering of light rays, or, like in ancient lighthouses, fire flames.

Anton Suhanov Pharos Table Clock

Triple Axis Tourbillon

But the master didn’t stop there, setting the goal so that the balance was clearly visible at any point. For this, a triple-axis tourbillon design was developed, allowing the balance to oscillate in three angles, and giving an overview in all possible directions. For maximum openness, a triple-axis tourbillon is located at the very top of the clock under the glass dome.

Anton Suhanov Pharos Table Clock

On the outer wheels of the third carriage, a second scale is applied, and since they rotate round the clock, the second indication is displayed to 360 degrees.

Anton Suhanov Pharos Table Clock

Around the tourbillon carriages, the diurnal clock scale is made coaxially with the rotation of the third carriage on the conical disk, and the time zone disk is concentrically located thereon.

Time zones are numbered on the upper conical surface of the disk, and the large cities of these time zones are markedon the side on the cylindrical surface. This allows the viewer to determine the time not only anywhere in the world, but also looking from any side of the clock.

Technical details

Model: Anton Suhanov Pharos

Case and dial
Material: Stainless steel
Finishing techniques: Polishing, satin, sandblasting
Case Parts: 30
Lighting: Hours, Minutes and Balance wheel
Dimensions: 190 mm (height) x 86 mm x 86 mm
Total number of parts (movement + case): 472
Weight: approx 5 kg

Balance Frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 pc / h)
Power reserve: 8 days
Movement Details: 442
Jewels: 27
Ball bearings: 11

Triple axis tourbillion:
1st (inner) cage’s cycle: 33.75 sec
2 nd (middle) cage’s cycle: 60 sec
3 rd (outer) cage’s cycle: 180 sec

Peripheral seconds
World time
Power reserve

Operation elements
Setting the time: a special key is used to set the time (it is inserted into a hole under the dial)
World time setting: rotation of the ring with the cities
Winding: The key for winding the clock movement is placed on the barrel wheel from behind

Limited edition of 24 pieces