The Chicago 510 by Vortic Watch Company

This elegant wristwatch created by Vortic Watch Company is driven by an antique movement originally manufactured by the Elgin National Watch Company over 115 years ago.

The Elgin National Watch Company first released the Chicago 510’s pocket watch in Elgin, Illinois, in 1906.

The original pocket watch is a Lord Elgin variation. The Chicago 510 boasts a beautiful cream-colored watch face with stylish and bold black numerals. This antique, single-sunk dial also boasts splendid blued steel solid diamond kite watch hands. The Bronzed Titanium case is equipped it with an eye-catching nickel-plated crown, complementing the dial’s color palette.

The Chicago 510 by Vortic Watch Company

The Chicago 510 watch has a 46mm diameter case with Gorilla glass crystals. The transparent case-back allows the enthusiasts to view its original 194-grade open-face movement with a jeweled safety barrel, quick train, Breguet hairspring, and Moseley regulator.

Its 23 ruby jewels with raised gold settings energize bronze-plated gears. This hand-wound mechanical timepiece comes with a comfortable, hand-crafted olive leather watch strap, perfectly complementing the machined titanium case.

The retail price of this one-of-a-kind watch is US$4,995.

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