HYT Moon Runner Red Magma

The new HYT Moon Runner Red Magma watch unravels the mysteries of the red moon.

The Moon Runner watch is the bearer of a philosophy that combines the ambition of scientific understanding, the perfect accuracy of the lunar phases, and the dream of a new understanding of how lunar cycles are perceived.

The representation of the moon is completely unprecedented, not only in its form, with the presence of the large celestial body, but also due to its central position at the heart of the technical measurement system presented by the timepiece.

Around it are two titanium indicator disks that show the days and months, in addition to accurate time settings with a hand running on a customised graduation, with a 5-minute timer, and retrograde hours shown by the fluidic system.

Since Antiquity, the red moon has been a bearer of messages. An omen of power to some, warning signs of natural and meteorological phenomena to others, it has always been observed very closely, as well as with a certain fascination. Words to describe it vary. In some cultures, it is called a “blood moon” or a “copper moon”.

HYT Moon Runner Red Magma

Offering a new way of looking at the matter, HYT has chosen to baptise its watch “Red Magma” to emphasise better the energetic and lively power of this shade which makes one think of both the moon and the heat from the bowels of the planets.

The link to Earth is particularly strong as when the red-coloured moon can be seen, this is in fact due to it being low on the horizon and the sunlight illuminating it is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere. It is for this same reason that it also takes on a reddish hue during lunar eclipses, as while sunlight is essentially blocked by the shadow of the Earth, the moon still receives the same dispersed and scattered light as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

At the heart of the 48 mm diameter casing, 52.3 mm in length and 21.8 mm thick, made from hydrocarbon and titanium, partially encased in red, topped with an anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal glass dome, the black and red dial, with a 3D applied index and white luminescent numerals, clearly lays bare its intention and gives a large central place to the representation of the lunar body.

Contributing to the perfect legibility of this measurement instrument, the minute hand is covered with white Lumicast, as is the disk indicating the months and the disk indicating the days of the month, both with a mat black treatment and inscriptions enhanced with white Lumicast.

The titanium winding crown continues the overall style code of the piece with a black design. Shades are also present in the bi-material strap, made of black rubber and alcantara red, decorated with embossed and enhanced red stitching and finished with a black titanium clasp with glossy and sandblasted finishing.

The multi-layer middle case presents subtle openwork, and the sandwiched construction method of the watch overall, waterproof up to 50 metres, with a central protective titanium case for movement, allows optimal handling of the missions assigned to this new spacecraft.

The Moonrunner is driven by a manual winding mechanical movement, 601-MO calibre (41 rubies) at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and with 72 hours’ power reserve.

Designed by Eric Coudray, this movement featured a finer aesthetic and finish, with elegant satin finish or laser-treated or bead-blasted parts.

The new HYT Moon Runner with its unique and exclusive “Red Magma” colour is limited to 27 pieces.