Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin Limited Edition

Jacob & Co. presents the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin, a ground-breaking timepiece inspired by the advent of the first crypto currency.

Unveiled during the 2022 edition of the Geneva Watch Days, this high complication watch from the Astronomia Solar collection fuses Bitcoin-related features within its vertical and rotating manufacture movement.

By inserting a Jacob-cut diamond, a Jacob-cut orange citrine and a rotating Earth, Jacob & Co. adds its own craft as a nod to the success of those who have mastered Bitcoin. Twenty-five of them will have access to the multi-rotational piece, which can be paid for in the cryptocurrency of their choosing.

Jacob&Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin Limited Edition

The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin watch boasts many details and features that are directly linked to the Bitcoin universe: A Bitcoin currency logo, a flying tourbillon, a yellow citrine sun, a diamond moon, a golden Earth, and a miniature rocket ship to reach for the moon. All these symbols evoke the advent of the first cryptocurrency.

Jacob&Co. will be selling the 25 pieces of this watch in cryptocurrencies. As per international regulations, the brand is obligated to determine a fixed price in official local currencies.

Regardless of where the sale ultimately takes place, payment will be available in the crypto of the buyer’s choosing, Bitcoin or altcoin, at the going rate on the day of the transaction. Purchase will be handled by leading payment processing platform Bitpay, which carries Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and no less than 5 USD-pegged stablecoins.

The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin comes with a 44-mm diameter black DLC titanium case, which features wide lateral openings in the case band, allowing a 360° view on the complicated movement.

The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin also features high, full lugs. Attached from bezel to caseback, their dropping shape creates a vertical angle, from which hangs the black alligator strap. This ensures a comfortable and snug fit on the wrist.

The watch has a crown-less, panoramic case and a large domed sapphire crystal. It also has a full caseback, which is actually the movement’s mainplate. It includes two folding bows, which act as crowns.

 Jacob & Co. Caliber JCAM19

Inside the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin watch beats a modified version of the Astronomia Solar movement, developed and manufactured exclusively for Jacob & Co.

The bottom plate of calibre JCAM19 has been decorated to become an expression platform, fulfilling the symbolic nature of this piece. It’s shaped like micro-chip and circled by keywords that describe the crypto universe: a “peer to peer” system, regulated by “Blockchain”, where “Bitcoin” is the founding and leading “decentralized digital currency”.

Jacob&Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin Limited Edition

Those writings are crafted in positive engraving on the frame surrounding the movement and mounted on ball beatings. They spin counter-clockwise to the tune of one rotation each 11 minutes.

The rest of the movement is built vertically on top of this base. It’s crafted entirely out of titanium and some steel elements. It takes the shape of a three-pronged carousel. One of its arms carries a one minute-flying tourbillon with a wide, open-worked, black cage. A second one holds the hour and minute dial. The third arm contains a rotating, vertical Bitcoin symbol.

The entirety of this vertical structure is topped by a rotating terrestrial globe, and spins on its large, central axis to the tune of one turn every 10 minutes. As a consequence, the flying tourbillon is really a twin-axis tourbillon, with one minute and ten minute periods. Also, the dial is mounted on a differential gear that counteracts the movement’s rotation, so that it always reads upright. And in this instance, it’s shaped like a fan, a nod to the ones found in Bitcoin mining farms’ servers.

Jacob&Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin Limited Edition

On the Astronomia Solar movement, the functional prongs are topped with three other ones, with a decorative purpose. They provide the piece with the necessary symbolic substance that makes this an entirely cryptocurrency-oriented piece. One is a sun made of 288-facet, Jacob-cut orange citrine. The other is a moon made of a 1ct white diamond cut with the same technique.

The terrestrial globe made of gold and black lacquer stands at the top of the 19.90 mm high calibre. And as Bitcoin keeps reaching for the moon, figuratively, the movement also features a black rocket, complete with flaming reactor and Bitcoin sign.

Technical details

Model: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin

Caliber JCAM19, hand-wound
Diameter: 34.55 mm
Height: 16.90 mm
Components: 364
Material: titanium
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Frequency: 28,800 vib/h (4 Hz)
Jewels: 43
Vertical movement with 3 arms, full revolution in 10 minutes
Flying tourbillon
Hours and minutes dial with patented differential to keep the 12/6 o’clock position
frame carrying custom Bitcoin decor, one 288-facet Jacob-cut Diamond (1ct.) and one Jacob-cut orange citrine ( ~ 1.57 ct.).
Bitcoin logo with 60-sec. rotation
Black terrestrial globe on top of the movement
Base with positive-engraving decor rotating counter-clockwise in 11 minutes

Hours and minutes

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 21 mm
Material: Black DLC titanium, 4 lateral sapphire apertures
Case Back: Black DLC titanium, winding and time-setting via two 18K rose gold bows
Crystal: Domed sapphire with double anti-reflective treatment
Water resistance: 30 m (3 atm)

Black, computer fan-shaped
Hands: Rose gold

Black alligator with black stitching
Clasp: Black DLC titanium deployment buckle

Limited edition of 25 pieces

Retail Price
348,000 USD