Timex T80 Neon

Timex presents new color versions of its popular T80 watch.

In 1974, Timex launched their first digital Liquid Crystal Display watch. It laid the foundation of the well-known Timex T80.

Timex T80 Neon watch model TW2V19300

An explosion of digital watches followed throughout the 70s and 80s with Timex at the forefront of innovation. With their futuristic design features and infinite wearability, these Timex watches created a space between fashion and function.

Timex T80 Neon watch model TW2V19400

The Timex T80 pays homage to these early designs and is a throwback to one of history’s most expressive decades, one which brought us big hair, big music and big dreams.

Timex T80 Neon watch model TW2V19500

The Timex T80 serves as an ageless fashion statement for generations, evoking a sense of nostalgia in every single one of us.

Timex T80 Neon watch TW2V19000

Timex has recently introduced the brand new T80 Neon which brings new colourways of the well-known retro watch.

Timex T80 Neon watch TW2V19400

As both a stylish accessory and serious timekeeping device, the T80 Neon sports a date display, stopwatch and an alarm.

The new Timex T80 Neon watch is available from Timex.co.uk.