Dague by T3 Special Watches

T3 Special Watches is a contemporary Swiss watchmaker based in Morcote, an attractive lakeside village in Southern Switzerland. The brand was founded by Andrea Marzari, who has been in the watch retail business since 1995, and Alessandro Poggi, a seasoned watch collector and connoisseur.

The brand’s first creation is Dague, a titanium watch featuring a coin-edge case, mechanical hand-wound movement with separate bridges, Gilt sandwich dial and the sword-shaped hands, which give this watch its name.

Titanium is lighter than steel, anti-allergic, anti-magnetic, and it has an intense-grey hue. The well-proportioned case of Dague watch measures 41.7 mm diameter and approximately 11mm thickness. The front glass is a domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating on the inside.

Dague by T3 Special Watches

For this timepiece, T3 Special Watches brand has opted for completely rebuilt and personalized mechanical movements first introduced in the early 1900`s. These calibers are 3.75mm thick, have six separate bridges, brass gaskets (chatons) on the rubies with steel screws to hold them in place, a large bi-metallic balance wheel with compensating screws, a deep-blue Breguet hairspring and an open barrel-bridge.

The original movements are 40 mm in diameter so the watchmakers downsized the plates to the smallest possible diameter, which is 37. 8mm, or 16.75 lignes. As these movements are on average a century old, the company replaced most of the rubies, of the balance axes, adjust the Breguet hairsprings, regulate the balance wheel`s adjustment screws and every part which showed signs of wear.

The bridges are finished with “anglage”, the mirror-polishing of the edges, by hand, the old fashioned way. The plates have been sand-blasted to an even matte finish, and the bridges have satin finish.

Dague by T3 Special Watches

The sandwich dial with large rounded roman numerals is an innovative design, it needs a more complex workmanship than an ordinary printed dial, the dial`s upper plate has the numerals cut out and it is bolted to the lower plate via three connecting pins. Each connecting pin is hand-turned on a watchmaker`s lathe and then hand polished.

Galvanic dials tend to have more of a shine because the color coating is a very thin and translucent layer which is not spray-painted, but is applied by electrolysis that deposits colored metallic molecules firmly onto the dial surface.

As each dial is hand-printed, even within the same colour range no two dials are the same. The domed sapphire glass has an anti-reflective coating on the inside.

The Dague is available in several versions like Turquoise, Spring Water, Passion Rosier, Lumiere D’orange, Aqua Jade, Midnight Fire, Cognac Vintage, Noir Absolu, Minimal Steel, Zero Noir, Double Chocolate, Desert Rose and Midnight Sky. These watches are made in limited editions.

The Dague by T3 Special Watches is named after its hands which are easy to read, distinctive and good looking and whose design resembles a dague, ancient Rome`s iconic legionnaire short sword. The specially designed hands are mirror diamond-polished and treated with SuperLuminova for a good night visibility.

Dague by T3 Special Watches

The caseback of the watch is secured to the case via 4 screws. The sapphire glass on the case-back side allows the view of the mechanical hand-wound movement.

Technical details

Model: Dague by T3 Special Watches

Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Diameter: 41.4 mm (excluding the crown)
Thickness: 11 mm (including glass)
Water resistance: 50 meters
Bezel finish: Round Satinage with mirror-polished bevel
Carrure finish: Horizontal satinage with mirror-polished lugs
Caseback finish: Round Satinage
Crown: Titanium, with o-rings lock

Manual winding movement
Separate bridges
Bi-Metallic Open Balance Wheel with Compensating Screws
Breguet Hairspring
Frequency: 2.5 Hz – 18.000 Alt/ hour
Diameter: 16 Lignes, 36.18 mm
Power reserve: 36 hours
Bridges: Rhodium plated, hand finished with satinage and anglage
Base Plate and Wheel Bridge: Rhodium Plated and Micro-Bille

Two layer sandwich dial with 3 hand turned and hand polished connecting pins
Upper Disc: Cut out drilled and “gilt” printed
Lower Disc: Drilled and galvanic mirror treated
Hands: Cut out, diamond mirror polished, with hand applied Super-Luminova®

Hand-stitched alligator strap
Made In Italy and with CITES Certification

Limited and numbered edition

For more details please visit: https://www.t3specialwatches.ch/