Casio EDIFICE EQS-930NIS Limited Edition in Nissan & NISMO Team Colors

The new EDIFICE NISMO EQS-930NIS is a special limited edition model created by Casio in association with NISMO, an affiliate of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. that engages in motorsport activities.

NISMO is short for Nissan Motorsports International, Co. Ltd. This Nissan motorsports affiliate not only competes in races, but also proposes racetrack technologies and designs for use in Nissan road cars.

The EDIFICE line of watches features dynamic design and advanced technology in a wide range of models from multifunctional chronographs, equipped with Smartphone Link and other functions, to standard watches with sporty designs.

As a natural ally that shares the motorsports company’s passion for utilizing cutting-edge technology in pursuit of ultimate performance, EDIFICE has been a NISMO supporter since 2021.

The EQS-930NIS face and body design captures the spirit of NISMO and motorsports. The NISMO brand colors, red and black, feature prominently, with the inset dials, bezel sides, and buttons accented in red against a black base.

The traditional Nissan & NISMO ace number, 23, is engraved on the bezel at the 23-minute mark, as well as on the case back. The bezel, band loop, and case back are all engraved with the NISMO logo.

In addition, the inset dial at the 10 o’clock position recreates the color gradation that appears on a sports car’s titanium tail pipe when the exhaust heat and the temperature difference between car parts cause the titanium to turn bluish. The surface of the urethane band has been processed to resemble tire tread after an intense race. The EQS-930NIS also delivers on functionality, with solar-charging system and stopwatch for practicality.

Technical details

Model: Casio EDIFICE EQS-930NIS

Size of Case: 52.0 × 47.5 × 12.3 mm
The number 23 engraved on the bezel and case back
Water Resistance: 100 meters

NISMO red highlights on a black face
Inset dial evokes the color gradation of hot titanium

Measuring unit: 1 second; measuring capacity: 9’59”; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place times

Other Functions
Date display, battery level indicator
Accuracy at Normal Temperature ±20 seconds per month

Power Source
Solar-charging system

Continuous Operation
About 5 months (from full charge until hands stop)

Band textured to evoke the tread of a post-race car tire

Total Weight
Approx. 98g