Memorigin – The Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming

Dragon and Phoenix is a spiritual and cultural symbol that represents auspiciousness and harmony. Dragon is considered to be ancestors of the Chinese people. It is the spirit of self-improvement, vigorous and promising. Phoenix represents great virtue, which carries heavy responsibilities and the kindness of the people. Dragon and Phoenix is the balance between Yin(陰) and Yang(陽), the contrary forces that give rise to each other. Therefore, it was widely used in palace culture and celebrations in China.

Memorigin, the Hong Kong Tourbillon watch brand, has combined the Chinese traditional carving craftsmanship and the excellent Western tourbillon watchmaking techniques to create “The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming” series.

Memorigin - The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming

With the background of heaven and earth on the dial, the Dragon that can control the forces of nature is swimming in the blue sea. The immortal phoenix is flying under the setting sun, which forms a harmonious scene. The 24K Gold Dragon is created with reference to the palace’s sculpture in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty.

Memorigin - The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming

The facial expressions, hair, claws and even scales are meticulously crafted. The eyes of dragon are made of Burmese rubies which sparkle brilliantly. It is coming up out of the sea and some of its body is driving out of the water. In order to make it more realistic, not only the dragon’s body under the water is sculpted sophisticatedly, but also the ripples spread across the sea, which makes the dragon, looks vivid and lively.

Memorigin - The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming

In the center of dial, a relief carved phoenix is wheeling in the sky, which outlines a peaceful picture. The delicate feather of the phoenix represents fine, soft and elegant. In order to create a perspective view, multi-layered mother-of-pearl and metal are used to create a skeleton dial. The Phoenix is embedded 0.5cm away from the dial. It presents a vivid picture of phoenix flying in the air, which shows the superlative craftsmanship.

Memorigin - The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming

Another highlight of this series is “Long Tu Zhu” (龍吐珠), the flaming pearl at 8 o’clock position. According to the myth, Dragon has been practicing for centuries in order to refine a pearl, the internal alchemy, in its body.

The pearl will be thrown out by the dragon whenever it absorbs the energy from nature. Memorigin recreates this legend and uses extremely sophisticated craftsmanship to hollow out the Akoya pearls from Japan, and fills several of the world’s most powerful high-tech tritium gas (H₃) tubes within a 5mm diameter pearl with 9 pieces of parts.

Memorigin - The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix / Long Feng He Ming

They provide superior brightness with a lifetime reaching 40 years. The pearl rotates at a speed of 60s for one circle with the flying tourbillon of a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour at 6 o’clock position. The endless rotation of the pearl implies the eternity and fortune.

The surface of the dome-typed 2.5D solid sapphire glass meets the visual requirements; you can enjoy the fun of traditional sculptures and high-end mechanical craftsmanship from both front and side of the watch. Memorigin has innovated a special automatic tourbillon movement for “The harmony of Dragon and Phoenix” series. Without affecting the operation of the tourbillon, the parts of watch were minimized. It makes the skeleton dial becomes more spacious as if flying in the sky.

Technical details

Model: The Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix

Stainless steel case/Black PVD coated stainless steel case/Rose gold plated stainless steel case
Watch diameter: approx.42mm
Watch thickness: approx.13.3mm
Both sides sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 5ATM

Flying tourbillon
215 pieces of subassembly module and 41 jewels
Frequency: 28800 Oscillation/Hour
Twin mainspring barrel
72 hours power reserve
The tourbillion located at 6 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle
The pearl located at 8 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle
Automatic, self-winding mechanism(Bi-directional winding)

Mother-of-pearl dial
18K gold dragon
Ruby from Burmese as dragon’s eye
5mm Japan Akoya pearl
Blue luminous dauphine hands

Alligator strap