URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket Limited Edition

Independent Swiss watch brand URWERK has expanded its UR-100V series with a new addition to the collection, the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket: a single-colour version featuring different shades of grey, from Payne grey to lead grey.

This limited-edition UR-100V is enhanced by a custom-designed metal bracelet. This very special bracelet is composed of 32 sandblasted titanium links ensuring a perfect aesthetic result.

Under the UR-100V’s dome, in addition to URWERK’s trademark satellite configuration of the wandering hours and minutes, the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket brings your spin through space into sharp focus. When the minutes hand has completed its 60-minute journey, it reappears on a 20-minute scale of 555 kilometres. This is the distance you travel in 20 minutes if you are standing on the equator of our rotating planet. The opposite scale tracks your journey through space around the sun: 35,740km every 20 minutes.

URWERK’s new calibre 12.02 drives the carousel carrying the wandering hours on three satellites. The carousel and the structure on top of the hours are forged from anodised aluminium then sanded and shot-blasted, while the satellite screws are each circular sanded. The satellites rest on a carousel of sanded brass plated in ruthenium.

The structure on top of the hours display is in sanded and shot-blasted aluminium. The self-winding rotor of the UR-100 is governed by a profiled airscrew known as the Windfänger.

The case of the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket recalls the independent brand’s first models.

Technical details

Model: UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket Limited Edition

Self-winding UR 12.02 movement with the winding rotor governed by a Windfänger airscrew
Jewels: 40
Balance frequency: 28 800v/h (4Hz)
Power reserve: 48 hours
Materials: Satellite hours on beryllium-bronze Geneva crosses; aluminium carousel; carousel and triple baseplates in ARCAP alloy
Finishes: Circular graining and sanding shot peening; chamfered screw heads; hours and minutes painted in SuperLumiNova

Satellite hours and minutes; rotational distance at the equator in 20 minutes; orbital distance in 20 minutes

Materials: Titanium
Width: 41mm
Length: 49.7mm
Height: 14mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: Pressure tested at 3ATM (30m)

Titanium with 32 sandblasted links

CHF 55’000.00 (Swiss francs / tax not included)