ArtyA Multicolored Shams Crystal

The new ArtyA Multicolored Shams Crystal watch features a full crystal case perfectly transparent in order to maximize the see trough effect of the exclusive ArtyA Shams skeletonised movement.

Once again, ArtyA reconciles extremes and opens up a new creative path, combining a multicolored movement clad in the absolute minimum with all the warmth of a life-giving heavenly body.

ArtyA Multicolored Shams Crystal

The Lab-created synthetic sapphire case that has the same physical properties, visual characteristics and hardness level as the natural gemstones. Natural sapphires are created by the earth and mined, which makes them rare. The synthetic stones (known as corundum, a chemically pure, aluminum oxide) are created by man in a carefully controlled environment. This case is incredibly scratch proof because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires – 9 on the Moh’s scale (1800 Vickers).

Technical details

  • Full transparent pure sapphire case with anti-reflective treatment
  • ArtyA Multicolored Shams exclusive manual winding skeleton movement
  • Hours, minutes
  • Power reserve: 52h
  • Size: 46 mm
  • Screwed open full sapphire back case
  • Sapphire crown
  • Handmade leather strap with ArtyA special stitches
  • Water resistance 30 meters
  • Swiss manufactured
  • Unique Piece 1/1
  • Price: 29’400 CHF