De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ Limited Edition

De Bethune presents Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’, a limited edition series created in collaboration with American rap star Swizz Beatz. Entirely themed around the concepts of light and transparency, this sophisticated micro-mechanical marvel combines mastery of sapphire crystal, skilled workmanship in titanium, and horological virtuosity. Only 10 of these timepieces will be produced.

De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ Limited Edition

In 2020, Swizz Beatz contacted the Swiss watch manufacturer to create a totally different Dream Watch 5. The design of this watch was to be fully in line with the brand’s existing achievements, yet at the same time challenging them to create a singular, refined and sophisticated timepiece that would remain user-friendly and easily legible, based on materials and construction typifying De Bethune’s quest for contemporary aestheticism.

The mission included a fresh approach to the use of sapphire crystal; blued titanium as the keystone; a movement with multiple reflections and finishes finally revealed to the observer’s admiring gaze.

Dream Watch 5 derives its distinctive shape from its predecessors, from the bridge of Dream Watch 1 to the case of Dream Watch 4, and is thus part of ongoing research into shapes, materials and colours. With each new creation, the design is refined in the direction of a curved deltoid motif, a major component of the aesthetics of the collection and more generally of De Bethune watches.

De Bethune has been a pioneer in the use of sapphire crystal, generally used in watchmaking to produce glasses or cases – and always in constant, regular, flat or spherical shapes. As early as 2008, De Bethune produced the first sapphire crystal hands, encircled by blued titanium, to be fitted on the DB26QP. This was followed by the production of movement components, including the famous delta bridge of the DB28 Steel Wheel movement, ingeniously complemented by two small barrel covers, also made of sapphire crystal.

De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ Limited Edition

Far from simply carving the case from a single block of sapphire using customary traditional methods, Denis Flageollet endeavoured to adapt the sapphire to the watch’s titanium case. They inserted no less than seven different sapphire parts – each crafted with unique curves and proportions – which would then be perfectly embedded into the blued polished titanium exoskeleton. Aesthetically, the blue-tinted sapphire matches the blued titanium of the case middle and the cold light emanating from it magnifies the shimmer of the movement finishes.

De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ Limited Edition

The dial side reveals the small two-tone sphere indicating the moon phases. Composed of two assembled and polished half-spheres in blued steel and palladium, it guides the eye towards the minimalist digital display of the hours and minutes, visible through a hand-cut cabochon-shaped crystal.

On the back of the timepiece, the blue sapphire crystal provides more visibility to the DB2149 calibre and its tourbillon, fully revealed for the very first time.

De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ Limited Edition

The Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ is equipped with a mechanical hand-wound DB2149 movement with a high-speed tourbillon developed by De Bethune. Ultra-light at a mere 0.18 grams for 63 components and beating time to the nearest tenth of a second, it makes a complete revolution in 30 seconds.

The calibre houses a titanium balance-wheel encircled by a patented white gold ring, a balance-spring featuring an in-house developed and patented De Bethune terminal curve, and a silicon escape-wheel oscillating at a rate 36,000 vibrations per hour. The in-house developed self-regulating twin barrel ensures constant torque for the calibre. All this has enabled the movement to gain 20% in terms of power reserve.

The time can be read off in digital format through a trapeze-shaped sapphire aperture with a jumping hours disc and another trailing minutes disc. The centre displays the regular rotation of the spherical moon phase, a patented complication so accurate that it requires adjustment by lunar day only every 1,112 years. The watch is wound and set by means of a crown adorned with a blue cabochon-cut sapphire.

The mirror-polishing of the movement components creates an astonishing play on light. Inside the case, Swiss engraver Michèle Rothen carried out a dint craftsmanship involving a blend of engraving and micro-sculpture. She retouched each surface state, each micro-detail and each relief in order to “lift” the design and thus perfect the whole, enabling it to catch the light even more generously.

Since the foundation of the brand, blue color has been intimately associated with the technical and aesthetic research and development of the maison. The Dream Watch 5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’ will be a single-colour version. The radical and mesmerising blue of the different materials stems from artisanal and natural treatments specific to each.

Technical details

Name: DW5 Tourbillon ‘Season 1’
Reference: DW5TSB

10-piece limited edition

Hours, minutes, central spherical moon-phase indication, 30-minute indication on the ultra-light silicon and titanium De Bethune tourbillon cage appearing on the back

Type: Mechanical hand-wound
Adjustments: By means of the crown adorned with a blue cabochon-cut sapphire
Three positions for winding, the spherical moon phase and timesetting
Number of components: 356
Jewelling: 35 jewels
Diameter: 30 mm
Power reserve: Four days, ensured by a self-regulating twin barrel – De Bethune innovation (2004)
Frequency: 36,000 vibrations/hour
Decorations: Hand-crafted finishes and decorations

Specific characteristics
Titanium balance-wheel with white gold inserts – De Bethune patent (2016)
De Bethune balance-spring with flat terminal curve – De Bethune patent (2006)
Silicon escape-wheel
Spherical moon-phase display accurate to within one lunar day every 1,112 years – De Bethune patent (2004)
De Bethune ultra-light silicon and titanium 30-second tourbillon – De Bethune innovation (2008)

Jumping-hour aperture at 3 o’clock
Minutes indication on a dragging rotating disc
Palladium and flame-blued steel spherical moon-phase indication accurate to within one lunar day every 1,112 years – De Bethune patent (2004)

Blued grade 5 titanium aperture frame

Ogive-shaped in hand-polished and blued grade 5 titanium, open-worked with sapphire blue inserts and hand-engraved motifs
Case diameter: Length 58 mm – width 47 mm
Case thickness: 17 mm
Crown: Cabochon-cut blue sapphire
Glass: Hardened mineral
Caseback: Screw-in back in polished and blued grade 5 titanium, open-worked with blue sapphire inserts and opening onto the ultra-thin silicon and titanium De Bethune tourbillon performing one rotation every 30 seconds – De Bethune innovation (2008)
Water resistance: 3 ATM, equivalent to 30 metres

Blue canvas/leather with an additional rubber strap
Buckle: Titanium with polished and blued titanium pin buckle