Louis Moinet HEAT

Representing the perfect union of man and nature, the conquest of fire (around 500,000 BC) was a major milestone in the history of human beings. Louis Moinet presents HEAT, an 18-carat rose gold tourbillon watch as a tribute to the conquest of fire.

Louis Moinet HEAT

Its dial boasts a skull engraving of an Australopithecus, one of the first species of humankind, dating back more than four million years. Made of rose-cut rubies, the glowing red eyes of the skull overlooks an engraving decorated with miniature paintings that symbolise the first flames mastered by man. The base is made of a natural stone, red pietersite, which also embodies the dancing of incandescent flames.

Louis Moinet HEAT

The Louis Moinet HEAT watch houses the LM Calibre 35, an award-winning high precision manual-winding tourbillon movement with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Technical details

Model: Louis Moinet HEAT

Hand-engraved Australopithecus skull
Rose-cut ruby eyes (24 facets) (0.39 carats)
Hand-engraved flames, enhanced with miniature painting
Engraved surround, set with 2 kite-cut diamonds (0.11 carats) and 18 cabochon-cut diamonds (0.02 carats)

18-carat rose gold
Four flame-engraved lugs adorned with blue sapphires
Hand-engraved bezel, complementing the fire theme

LM Calibre 35
60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition)

Presentation box
Genuine natural stone presentation box
The interior is decorated with a hand axe, a carved stone tool characteristic of prehistoric times.