With 15 million watches sold throughout the world during the more than 130 years of uninterrupted activity since its creation, West End is an iconic Swiss watch brand.

West End Watch Co was founded in 1886 in Bombay by the Swiss company Droz & Amstutz. This company acted as distributor of the watches manufactured by Alcide Droz & Fils in the Swiss Jura and sold in India under the West End brand name.

Established 1864, the company Alcide Droz & Sons was based in St-Imier. In India, West End watches proved their excellence in their use from the end of the 19th century by all the staff of the main railway companies, the post and telegraph offices, the police, the ports and the Indian and British government administrative services.

The elite corps of the Imperial Army of India had already been able to test out and appreciate the robustness and reliability of West End watches in extreme conditions. It was due to this good reputation that during the First World War British Army troops, including elite Indian corps, who were based in the Middle East with the aim of breaking up the German-Turkish coalition, necessarily wore West End watches.

No less than 50,000 West End watches were in fact acquired by the British Army to equip its troops, notably Lawrence of Arabia’s famous Camel Corps and the Royal Air Force.

In 1917, the Société des Montres West End SA was formed in Geneva in order to promote the marketing of the brand name throughout the world.

In the course of the following decades, West End established itself as an outstanding brand of Swiss watches, producing millions of wristwatches for markets ranging from the Red Sea to China. In 2001, the brand was taken over by the Monnat family and transferred to Leytron, in the Canton of Valais, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

In 2005, the company celebrated its 120th anniversary of uninterrupted presence in Asia with the introduction of its “Silk Road concept”.

In 2009, West End Watch Co launched special edition “Queen Anne” watch in 18 ct solid gold to commemorate the brand’s 120th anniversary. In 2016, the brand introduced «The Impermeable», a modern diver watch.

Presently, the brand offers Swiss made timepieces from its collections like Silk Road III, Sowar Prima, Sowar 1916, Secundus, The Classics, Impermeable, Everbright, Silk Road I, Silk Road II, Queen Anne, Queen Anne and 8457.

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