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Timex x Coca-Cola 1971 ‘The Unity’ Limited Edition Collection

Timex has released a limited-edition collection of vintage-inspired watches, in partnership with Coca-Cola®. Bringing together two iconic American brands, this collection conveys an enduring message of tolerance and hope. Meant to inspire watch-wearers around the world to make time for what matters – peace, love, and harmony – Timex released three commemorative styles created to celebrate Coca-Cola’s time-honored 1971 “Hilltop” commercial and the unity message it portrays.

Commemorating the colourful 1970s, the three limited edition watches celebrate a timeless message of love and harmony – just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. Detailed with nostalgic 70s-inspired designs that evoke the spirit of unity, the timepieces in this capsule are a cheerful reminder to embrace opportunities for connection and move through the world with compassion.

The digital Timex T80 combines vibrant colors and a feeling of whimsy to the design and celebrates a timeless message of love and harmony by playing the iconic “Hilltop” commercial song: “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony)”.

The classic Timex Standard boasts a bold, bright Coca-Cola logo that brings a smile to the face of the watch – and its wearer.

Detailed with nostalgic 70s-inspired hues and designs, the beloved Q Timex sports an iconic peace sign that evokes the spirit of unity and love.

Set atop a hillside, the iconic Coca-Cola commercial features a diverse group of young people singing in perfect harmony. The collection is reflective not only of the era in which the commercial aired but conveys Timex’s rallying cry and WE DON’T STOP message of hope and a future where people around the world can be brought together again to achieve a common mission of unity.

These timepieces are available available at, with retail prices ranging from £79 to £169.

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