Trilobe by Daniel Buren for Only Watch, Unique Piece

To support Only Watch in its 2021 edition, Trilobe watchmaking House and the Sculptor Daniel Buren have decided to offer a unique and meaningful collaboration. This one-of-a-kind mechanical clock combines the architectural codes dear to Trilobe with the artistic vision of the Sculptor Daniel Buren.

The Trilobe clock by Daniel Buren

A real technical challenge, it took several months of development to create this unique creation and its mechanical calibre, designed in France and entirely handmade by Swiss watchmakers in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Imagined from a multi-dimensional perspective and inspired by Trilobe’s signature X-Centric Calibre, this made-to-measure movement is designed like a contemporary house.

The Trilobe clock by Daniel Buren

Each part has been recalibrated to the scale of this unique clock, to allow the display of the hours, the minutes and the seconds by rotating rings and fixed indicators. In the purest horological tradition, the clock is equipped with a constant-force escapement, while the barrel has been doubled to provide an eight-day power reserve.

The Trilobe clock by Daniel Buren

It features the excellent finishes of traditional watchmaking, with hand-polishing, bevelled bridges, as well as sunburst barrels and a sandblasted plate.

The Trilobe clock by Daniel Buren is a singular work of art in which the eccentric vision of the Artist cannot be understood without the technical expertise of the Watchmaker.

Technical details

Mechanical hand-wound, double barrel
Power reserve: 8 days
Balance frequency: 18’000 vib/h (2,5 Hz)
Functional jewels: 19
Total Components: 590

Display concept composed of 3 display elements representing the hours, minutes and running seconds located on the same plane as the dial

Calibre: Diameter: 23.5cm / Thickness: 4cm
Clock: 30cm by 30cm / Thickness: 5.15cm

Alternating black and white aluminium frame
The back of the clock is protected by glass.
The clock can either be fixed on a wall or stand on a table

Three eccentric and movable rings slide, each of them in its own position (hours, minutes, seconds), following its own counter-clockwise path without ever resting. Hands are replaced by three non-aligned Trilobe index.
The black and white stripes line up twice a day, at 2.13am/pm, the time of the first meeting between Trilobe & Daniel Buren