Ludovic Ballouard Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours” Unique Piece for Only Watch 2021

Ludovic Ballouard has created a special edition wristwatch to support the Only Watch 2021 charity event.

The Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours” has a platinum case with a hand-wound mechanical movement beating inside. Inspired by the music’s healing properties, this one-of-a-kind timepiece features a vinyl record jumping hour dial and stylus-themed retrograde minutes.

Ludovic Ballouard Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours" Unique Piece for Only Watch 2021

Ludovic Ballouard’s philosophy is to live for the present and his watches reflect this by only displaying the present hour. On his patented jumping hour Half Time, the hour numerals are cut by two counter-rotating disks that only align correctly at 12 o’clock to display the current hour. Retrograde minutes in the bottom half of the dial complete the displays.

Ludovic Ballouard Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours" Unique Piece for Only Watch 2021

For Only Watch 2021 Ballouard’s unique piece “Vinyl 33 Tours” has transformed the dial into a vinyl record on a turntable: the counter-rotating disks displaying hours become a record while a stylus moves across the record while displaying retrograde minutes.

Technical details

Model name: Half Time “Vinyl 33 Tours” Only Watch

Platinum case
Diameter: 41 mm / Thickness: 11 mm
Water resistance 30 meters
Display case back

Vinyl record themed dial with stylus arm retrograde minutes

Hand-wound manufacture caliber B02

Patented jumping hours with only current hour displayed in form of vinyl record, titanium tone arm retrograde minutes

Hand-stitched alligator strap