Introduced in 2021, MB&F LMX celebrates the 10th anniversary of the brand’s Legacy Machines.

LMX is available in two limited launch editions: 18 pieces in 18k red gold with black NAC treatment on plates and bridges and 33 pieces in grade 5 titanium with green CVD treatment on plates and bridges.

In October 2011, MB&F launched Legacy Machine N°1, the first creation of a new collection, alongside the existing Horological Machines. The brand’s most revolutionary creation since its founding, the very first Legacy Machine (LM1) features a round case, a first for MB&F. It also has white lacquered dials, blued hands, and a “flying” balance wheel oscillating under a domed crystal. The suspended balance became a signature feature of the Legacy Machine collection. The successors of LM1 also followed this ground-breaking design.

The Legacy Machine No1 movement was created in collaboration with Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen. In 2015, LM Perpetual was released in partnership with Stephen McDonnell. Introduced in 2019, the LM Thunderdome was developed with multi-axis tourbillon expert Eric Coudray. In addition, MB&F began developing its own movements during this decade and the LMX engine is the sixth fully conceived by the brand’s in-house engineering team.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the LM1 series, the LMX watch has two dials of stretched white lacquer, each with its own display of hours and minutes. The dial on the right is set by the crown at the 2 o’clock position, which bears an engraving of the MB&F battle-axe and also winds the movement.

The crown at 10 o’clock, engraved with a globe to acknowledge the potential use of a second time zone, sets the time of the left dial. Unlike the first Legacy Machines however, both dials are tilted at an angle – a more complex feature present on the most recent Legacy Machines, requiring the transfer of energy from horizontal to vertical planes thanks to conical gears.

While the first few Legacy Machines took a selective approach to what was showcased between dial plate and sapphire crystal dome, later models such as LM Perpetual, LM FlyingT and LM Thunderdome were more open and demonstrative about their mechanical prowess. LMX follows this latter approach, revealing functional elements such as the battle-axe-shaped escapement bridge and gear-train components.

Three large wheels are particularly visible: placed next to each winding crown, two are set in motion when setting the time on the corresponding time display, while the gear at 6 o’clock is the common seconds’ wheel.

The new bespoke balance wheel with inertia blocks marks a departure from the more traditional screwed balances and offers greater accuracy to the watchmaker in regulating the heart of LMX. The polished arms of the straight bridges exposed on the dial plate are manually finished to impart a curved profile on their upper surfaces.

Inspired by the vertical power reserve indicator of Legacy Machine No1, LMX boasts an innovative three-dimensional display that showcases the horological engine’s impressive seven days (168 hours) of power reserve. It also offers the option to select between two modes of counting down the power reserve. Two markers are positioned on opposite sides of a hemisphere; one framed by an arched scale numbered 1 to 7, another with a scale showing the days of the week.

By rotating of the entire power-reserve display itself, the wearer can choose their preferred mode of power-reserve indication: by continuing to wind the battle-axe crown even after the power reserve is fully replenished, wearers can adjust the orientation of the indication to make the day or numeric scale more visible when LMX is on the wrist.

The movement of LMX is deeply symmetrical – not only dial-side but also as observed through the sapphire case back, revealing the three barrels placed evenly around the centre, accentuated by the sunray pattern of the Côtes de Genève finishing.

Technical details

Model: LMX

– Limited edition of 18 pieces in polished 18k 5N+ red gold with black NAC treatment on plates and bridges
– Limited edition of 33 pieces in polished grade 5 titanium with green CVD treatment on plates and bridges

Three-dimensional horological movement developed exclusively by MB&F
Manual winding with three mainspring barrels
Power reserve: 7 days (168 hours)
Balance wheel: new bespoke 13.4mm balance wheel with inertia blocks, floating above the movement
Time display on two inclined dials in stretched lacquer
Balance spring: traditional Breguet curve terminating in mobile stud holder
Balance frequency: 18,000bph/2.5Hz
Number of components: 367
Number of jewels: 41
Chatons: gold chatons with diamond countersinks
Fine finishing: superlative hand finishing throughout respecting 19th century style; internal bevel angles highlighting hand craft; polished bevels; Geneva waves; hand-made engravings; polished arms of the straight bridges exposed on the dial plate, manually finished to a curved “bercé” profile on their upper surfaces.

Hours and minutes: completely independent dual time zones displayed on two dials.
Unique hemispherical power reserve with choice of weekday or 7-day indication; rotates to adjust the preferred power reserve indication.
Left crown at 10 o’clock for setting time of left dial; right crown at 2 o’clock for setting time of right dial and winding

Two launch editions: 18k 5N+ red gold case limited to 18 pieces or grade 5 titanium case limited to 33 pieces
Dimensions: 44 mm wide x 21.4 mm high
Number of components: 27
High domed sapphire crystal on top and sapphire crystal on back with anti-reflective coating on both sides

Black hand-stitched alligator strap with 5N+ gold folding buckle for red gold version, and grey hand-stitched alligator strap with titanium folding buckle for titanium edition.

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