Lebois& Co Wants Fans to Help Design New Chronograph through CoLAB Platform

Lebois & Co has announced plans to involve the watch community in their design process. Subscribers will be able to exert influence through an online voting and commenting system.

The CoLAB platform will allow subscribers to closely follow the development of Lebois & Co’s new Heritage Chronograph. On set occasions, they can cast their votes on choices of materials, shapes, and colours. A comment section will give them the opportunity to explain their choices. The result will be a watch that appeals to a larger audience, through its democratic selection process.

To get even more up close and personal, Van Wijlick will hold regular virtual Coffee Catch-Ups, where subscribers can meet the man with the plan online, hold ‘round-the-clock’ discussions and freely talk watches in an informal setting.

The watch brand has already included a subscription page on their website, with further details of their plans. Chronograph watchers are invited to join, and will be notified of further developments.

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