DOXA Partners with Watches of Switzerland Group for Distribution at Sales Points in the US and UK

Over the past 24 months DOXA has experienced a remarkable resurgence, particularly among a large and growing community of aficionados in the States. In joining forces with the Watches of Switzerland group, both in the United States and the United Kingdom, and both in physical stores and in e-shops, the brand continues its international redeployment with the strong partners worldwide.

The official kick-off is set for March 2021 in the heart of the Big Apple at Watches of Switzerland’s trendy Soho boutique, which will also be the first to offer the famous DOXA diver’s watches, and on the e-commerce platform.

DOXA SUB 300 Carbon COSC Orange Professional diving watch
DOXA Watches, founded in 1889, was the first brand to launch a truly professional diver’s tool-watch accessible for the general public in 1967, the now legendary SUB 300.

Developed in close collaboration with the famous American sports diving organization ‘US Divers,’ headed at the time by the already then iconic Commander Cousteau, the SUB 300 incorporated radical innovations that quickly made it the benchmark for military and professional divers, too.

Take the orange dial, totally unheard of at a time when white or black were the norm. It wasn’t just new for the sake of being new. The color was chosen after countless tests because it offered optimal visibility at a depth of 30 meters. Another striking innovation: a new unidirectional bezel with a double indication for calculating dive time in relation to depth and thus ensuring a safe ascent without decompression stops.

The bezel was based on the science behind the no-decompression dive table developed by the US Navy. The table enabled divers to determine the time they could remain at a particular depth and return to the surface in one continuous ascent – without having to pause for decompression.

DOXA engineers succeeded in integrating the US Navy’s parameters into two separate scales on the bezel, one for depth on the orange outer ring, the other for time (in minutes) on the black inner ring. It would become a DOXA patent.

Today, DOXA Watches is part of the Walca Group, an industrial company owned for over 40 years by the Swiss Jenny family and based in Biel in the canton of Bern, Switzerland.

True to the strategy established by founder Georges Ducommun in 1889 to produce high-quality Swiss watches at affordable prices, DOXA’s independent status keeps the brand nimble, so it can adapt to market changes and focus on creating watches that uniquely combine precision, reliability and functionality with great design and outstanding value.

Today, the brand is in the care of Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA Watches. Under his leadership, the brand has experienced a remarkable renewal over the past two years, reviving technical and aesthetic innovation while remaining faithful to the brand’s DNA and rich heritage.