CITIZEN Mechanical (with in-house Caliber 0200 movement)

Launching in 2021, the CITIZEN mechanical model houses the newly-developed Caliber 0200, a completely new movement developed entirely in-house by CITIZEN. The Cal. 0200 is CITIZEN’s first new mechanical movement since 2010. This new movement has the same free-sprung balance wheel used in high-accuracy mechanical watches to ensure greater stability of rate.

A new movement, a new fusion of Japanese and Swiss watchmaking cultures, was developed in close collaboration with CITIZEN’s Swiss group company Manufacture La Joux-Perret S.A.

The new Cal. 0200 also combines a high level of accuracy and aesthetic appeal. Using the latest in advanced watchmaking technologies, this movement was designed to exceed the Chronometer standard (ISO 3159) benchmark for timekeeping accuracy, achieving an average daily accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds. The movement also features a free-sprung balance wheel, making it highly shock resistant as well as resistant to wear over time.

CITIZEN Mechanical (with in-house Caliber 0200 movement)

Watches with free-sprung balance wheels are known for their ability to maintain stability of rate over time. The layout showcases the layered wheels of the movement and shows each of the watch components to advantage. Every component is finished to the highest of standards, enhancing the overall beauty of the movement.

A free sprung-balance wheel is used to achieve high timekeeping accuracy and ensure the stability of rate over time. But the components needed to achieve this level of accuracy require an extremely high level of precision during manufacturing. CITIZEN developed a completely new manufacturing process for the balance wheel to ensure the necessary precision during processing and the exceptional beauty of the finished product.

The LIGA fabrication process was used for the escapement to achieve superior precision. This movement is the product of CITIZEN’s knowledge and know-how acquired from decades of experience producing components for Eco-Drive movements.

Before attaching the bracelet, completed watches undergo rigorous in-house testing over a total of 17 days to ensure superior performance. Testing is carried out under various conditions, including testing at six positions and three temperature levels. A Certificate of Compliance is included with each watch to certify that it has met all of CITIZEN’s extremely high standards.

The design of the Cal. 0200 movement showcases the aesthetic appeal and exceptional finishing of each component. The decorative finishing of all gear train components including the oscillating weight, the main plate, and the bridges, is made possible thanks to the combined know-how and experience of CITIZEN and La Joux-Perret, which has been a part of Citizen Watch Group since 2012.

The bridges have a satin-finish comprised of a multitude of hairlines that create a delicate lustre. The detailed diamond-cut finish on the edges also provides a striking contrast of finishes, producing depth and visual appeal.

The watch has a bold, clean look, reflecting CITIZEN’s forward-looking approach. The lug less case creates a distinctive silhouette and the finishing makes the most of the solid stainless steel material, with a striking contrast between the hairline and mirror finishes. When worn, the case and bracelet capture the light beautifully, producing an elegant lustre and giving the watch an unmistakable presence on the wrist.

The matte black dial of the NC0200-90E uses electroforming to create a distinctive sand-ripple pattern. The shadows created by the unique texture produce fascinating yet subtle colour changes on the monotone dial. The dial also features the Eagle Mark depicting an eagle with its wings spread wide.

Technical details

Model: The CITIZEN / Mechanical model
Reference: NC0200-90E

Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
Diameter: 40mm
Thickness: 10.9mm
Transparent case back
Water resistance: 50 meters

Cal.0200 Automatic & Manual winding
Accuracy of average -3 to +5sec per day
Running time of approx. 60 hours when fully wound
Frequency: 28,800 vph
26 jewels

Stainless steel

Cal.0200 Certificate of Compliance included

USD 6,000.00