Krayon Lady Anywhere

After ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Anywhere’ complication timepieces, Swiss luxury watch brand Krayon presents its first women’s watch: “Lady Anywhere”.

Introduced in 2017, Krayon Everywhere is a hyper complication watch capable of indicating the time of sunset and sunrise anywhere in the world. This timepiece was awarded the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2018. In 2020, the brand introduced ‘Anywhere’, a logical progression from the Everywhere watch. This year, Krayon welcomes a ladies’ watch based on the same principle.

Just like the brand’s ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Anywhere’ timepieces, this elegant ladies’ mechanical watch displays the ephemeris, more precisely the time of sunrise and sunset, at any point on the globe chosen by its wearer. It can be the wearer’s location at that precise moment, or the place of birth, or the place where loved ones wait, the place where dreams are made or remembered.

Krayon Lady Anywhere

Krayon’s Lady Anywhere indicates the hours and minutes with dedicated hands, placed in the centre of a dial that seems suspended at the centre of the watch. It is surrounded by an annular zone upon which a sun circulates in perpetual motion, indicating the time over 24 hours. The annular zone has two sectors: day (pink) and night (dark blue). The respective lengths of the sectors change constantly, indicating by their position the sunrise and sunset times that can be read from the rehaut.

Krayon Lady Anywhere

These periods are all intimately linked to latitude. The North-South position determines the length of the day, which is equal to the night at the equator and gradually expands towards the ‘white night’ near the Arctic Circle. To integrate this geographical factor, Krayon devised a mechanical positioning system based on racks and yokes rather than a fixed, complex and not very efficient cam. At the customer’s request, a Krayon watchmaker will adjust the movement. The setting can easily be modified, and as often as desired.

The relative position of the two sapphire discs is determined not only by the reference position, but also by the calendar. Here, Krayon’sLady Anywhere indicates the date and month with a hand-counter at 6 o’clock. It is a simple calendar, for which every month lasts 31 days. It requires only five quick, straightforward annual adjustments, which can be made directly with the crown and in both directions.

Lady Anywhere is available in 18K rose gold, with cream white and pink the dominant tones. The elegant shape of the 39 mm diameter case is highlighted by a flange along the bezel’s underside and over the back cover. The case is finely hand-engraved with rose blossoms along the circumference. With an elegant thickness of just 9 mm, Lady Anywhere by Krayon remains eminently wearable. The gadroon on the applied, subtly plunging lugs further accentuates their slimness.

Krayon Lady Anywhere watch

The dial shows the same motif as on Everywhere and Anywhere, the result of a long search for a distinctive aesthetic, and it is echoed on the face of the crown. What you see is an orb with parallels and meridians, imaginary longitudes and latitudes, an apt symbol for the global scope of Krayon’s complications. The vanishing point is centred on the date at 6 o’clock. This symbolic pole is composed of two snailed areas. The hour markers are distinctive, pyramid-shaped appliqués with a triangular base, identical in shape to the Y in Krayon’s identity.

Krayon Lady Anywhere

Greatest care was given to the day and night discs. The two rings are cut from sapphire. One is hand-painted in dark blue, the other in light pink. On the former, Super-Luminova™ stars stand out in the firmament. High above, the sun follows its course, each one of its rays unique, painstakingly finished in a subtle diamond polishing process that is technically quite complex. Beyond the discs, the inclined and colour-coordinated rehaut serves as a 24-hour scale.

Meticulously conceived and constructed by Rémi Maillat, founding watchmaker of Krayon, the complex yet thin mechanical movement offers a power reserve of 86 hours.

The regulating mechanism for the day and night discs is located at 6 o’clock. Immediately setting the Lady Anywhere movement apart from all others, it shows the intricacy of racks and yokes, with a distinctive screw system in the centre. On either side, two discreet screws facilitate adjustment by the watchmaker.

Krayon Lady Anywhere

It is a hand-wound calibre, designed in the tradition of classic movements. Its barrel is coupled to an elegant long blade ratchet click. All perforations are countersunk. The shape of the bridges is particularly adorned, made of solid and fine lines, an inviting canvas for the art of manual bevelling. The numerous hand-worked inward and outward angles establish Lady Anywhere on a par with the finest of contemporary executions.

Technical details

Model: Lady Anywhere
Ref. C030-22 – Rose Gold

Cal. C030
Diameter: 35.40 mm
Thickness: 5.00mm
Power reserve 86 hours
Frequency 3 Hz
Manual winding, with stopwork
55 rubies
432 components

Hours and minutes
Sunrise and sunset times
24-hour display
Simple calendar

Hours and minutes at centre
Sunrise and sunset times on peripheral discs
Date at 6 o’clock

Case, dial and strap
Rose gold 18K case
Diameter: 39mm
Thickness: 9.5mm
Two-tone cream white dial
Rose and dark blue circular ring
Pink alligator strap
Rose gold buckle and pin