Grand Seiko Elegance GMT ‘sekki’ Collection – Shunbun, Shōsho, Kanro and Tōji Models

Grand Seiko presents four new GMT watches, each one celebrating one of the year’s 24 seasonal phases or ‘sekki’ according to Japanese traditions.

Shunbun, Shōsho, Kanro and Tōji Models

In the traditional Japanese calendar, some days have special names to mark the change in seasons.

The 24 sekki are days that divide the solar year into twenty four equal sections as mentioned bellow:

  1. Risshun: February 4 – Beginning of spring
  2. Usui: February 19 – Rain water
  3. Keichitsu: March 5 – Awakening of hibernated (insects)
  4. Shunbun: March 20 – Vernal equinox, middle of spring
  5. Seimei: April 5 – Clear and bright
  6. Kokuu: April 20 – Grain rain
  7. Rikka: May 5 – Beginning of summer
  8. Shōman: May 21 – Grain full
  9. Bōshu: June 6 – Grain in ear
  10. Geshi: June 21 – Summer solstice, middle of summer
  11. Shōsho: July 7 – Small heat
  12. Taisho: July 23 – Large heat
  13. Risshū: August 7 – Beginning of autumn
  14. Shosho: August 23 – Limit of heat
  15. Hakuro: September 7 – White dew
  16. Shūbun: September 23 – Autumnal equinox, middle of autumn
  17. Kanro: October 8 – Cold dew
  18. Sōkō: October 23 – Frost descent
  19. Rittō: November 7 – Beginning of winter
  20. Shōsetsu: November 22 – Small snow
  21. Taisetsu: December 7 – Large snow
  22. Tōji: December 22 – Winter solstice, middle of winter
  23. Shōkan: January 5 – Small Cold; or Kan no iri – Entrance of the cold
  24. Daikan: January 20 – Major cold

Grand Seiko Elegance GMT ‘sekki’

Grand Seiko has selected Shunbun (spring), Shōsho (summer), Kanro (autumn) and Tōji (winter) sekki to create this new special collection. The brand has chosen its Elegance collection to release these new GMT timepiece`s. The Shunbun and Shōsho versions feature the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT caliber 9S86 while the Spring Drive GMT caliber 9R66 powers the Kanro and Tōji creations.

Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Shunbun Automatic - SBGJ251
Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Shunbun Automatic – SBGJ251

The Shunbun (SBGJ251) watch boasts green dial and rose gold accents. The Shōsho (SBGJ249) model has a wave pattern dial inspired by the delicate ripples in the lakes and ponds that shimmer in the early summer sun.

Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Shōsho Automatic- SBGJ249
Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Shōsho Automatic- SBGJ249

The Grand Seiko GMT ‘sekki’ Kanro (SBGE271) watch takes inspiration from the autumn season. The Tōji (SBGE269) model features a textured dial inspired by the color of a winter landscape as the sun sinks lower in the sky.

 Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Kanro Spring Drive - SBGE271
Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Kanro Spring Drive – SBGE271

In all these timepieces, the hour hands are independently adjustable so that the precision is maintained. The softly contoured case has the classic yet distinctive Grand Seiko edges that are sharp and angular, and the sides are Zaratsu polished to a distortion-free finish. In each timepiece, the movement is clearly visible through the sapphire case backs.

Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Tōji Spring Drive - SBGE269
Grand Seiko Elegance GMT Tōji Spring Drive – SBGE269

Based on a series first presented in the USA, the Shunbun and Shōsho creations will be available in May and the Kanro and Tōji creations in September at the Grand Seiko Boutiques and retail stores worldwide.

Technical details

Collection: Grand Seiko Elegance GMT 24 Seasons

Shunbun – SBGJ251
Shōsho – SBGJ249
Kanro – SBGE271
Tōji – SBGE269


Caliber 9S86: SBGJ249, 251
Driving system: Automatic
Vibrations: 36,000 vibrations per hour (10 beats per second)
Accuracy: +5 to -3 seconds per day
Power reserve: 55 hours
GMT hand
Number of jewels: 37

Caliber 9R66: SBGE269, 271
Driving system: Spring Drive
Accuracy:-1 to +1 second per day (±15 seconds per month)
Power reserve: 72 hours
GMT hand
Number of jewels: 30

Case and bracelet
Stainless steel case and bracelet
Three-fold clasp with push button release
Box-shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
See-through screw case back
Water resistance: 3 bar (SBGJ249, 251) 10bar (SBGE269, 271)
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Diameter: 39.5mm, Thickness: 14.1mm (SBGJ249, 251)
Diameter: 40.2mm, Thickness: 14.0mm (SBGE269, 271)

Approximate recommended retail prices in Europe: €7,600 (SBGJ249, 251), €6,800 (SBGE269, 271)