Greubel Forsey signs partnership with Spanish retailer Chocrón Joyeros

Greubel Forsey and Chocrón Joyeros join forces in a brand new exclusive partnership in the Spanish market. Founded over seven decades ago, Chocrón Joyeros is a globally recognized retailer with the same spirit of innovation found in each Greubel Forsey creation. The two houses, united in their passion for fine watchmaking, share a common philosophy that guides them in their everyday quest for excellence.

Three exclusive timepieces will be exhibited in the prestigious Madrid boutique, located in the Salamanca district. Among them, the GMT Earth and its rotating terrestrial globe, which allows an extraordinary spatial vision of our Planet Earth. Aficionados will also be able to discover the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain as well as the Signature 1.

Founded in 1948 by D. Carlos Chocrón at just 18 years of age, Chocrón Joyeros has embodied for more than seven decades the values of excellence and tradition in fine watchmaking. In its stores in Madrid, Marbella and Ceuta, the house shares its expertise and know-how passed down through four generations, offering innovative objects of the highest quality.

The experience gained over the years has allowed Chocrón Joyeros to gain international recognition while keeping its Spanish roots. With Moisés Chocrón at its head, the house is recognized around the world for its professionalism and discretion.